Discover the Best Fitness Studios & Gyms in Hyderabad with FITPASS

Pushkar Garg 26 February, 2020 Updated on : 27 Feb 2020

Fitness is the need of the hour. That’s not it - people WANT to stay fit so that they can do twice as much in a day as compared to earlier. If you look back on human history, you’ll find out that the human body is currently more capable than it ever was. Staying fit not only allows you to do much more but keeps you mentally and physically well, increasing the level of happiness. 

The Nizam city matches step by step with major cities of India when it comes to fitness. Because it is clear to the people of Hyderabad that an hour spent at the gym every day improves the quality of life and increases the years of life. 

New gyms and fitness studios are coming up in Hyderabad at an unprecedented rate and it is becoming difficult to find the right one for you. Experts suggest that you should be mixing it up at the gym to get the best results since our body responds well to a combination of different workout routines. For example, losing weight is easier when you do cardio and strength training together or take HIIT classes. Check out FITPASS with which you can get fit as you like - attend Yoga classes, Zumba sessions, Swimming classes, Pilates sessions, Gym workouts and much more with just one membership.

Top Fitness Studios and Gyms in Hyderabad

  1. Functional 55

Functional 55

Location - Malakpet

Do you like or want to try CrossFit sessions? If the answer is yes, you should head to this gym in Malakpet. Equipped with all the facilities and equipment you could ask for, Functional 55 is where you can attend sessions of functional training, circuit training, cardio, strength training, Zumba, aerobics, core training, body toning and conditioning, and many other group workouts. The gym is managed by certified trainers with years of experience across the country.

Timing – Monday to Saturday (5 AM – 10 PM) and Sunday (6 AM – 12 PM)

  1. Nirvaana Yoga Studio

Nirvaana Yoga Studio

Location – Miyapur, Gachibowli, Madhapur, and KPHB

The benefits of Yoga encompass everyone - male or female, old or young. The ancient practice has so many benefits that it has become a craze in our lives. And you know what they say – Yoga is not just a workout routine but a way of life. So, if you are interested in learning the secrets of Yoga to lead a healthy and happy life, visit any of the four well-located Nirvaana Yoga Studios in Hyderabad. The franchise is affiliated with the World Yoga Organization. Their yoga classes include asanas, meditation, pranayama, acupressure, and much more. Nirvaana offers dedicated yoga classes for kids, ladies, and pregnant women.

Timing – Monday to Sunday (5 AM – 11 PM)

  1. Body Zone Gym & Fitness Center

Body Zone Gym & Fitness Center

Location – Amberpet & Shivam Road

Body Zone is the embodiment of a modern fitness center. Head to the gyms in Amberpet or Shivam Road for complete body transformation with the help of exceptional training and nutritional assistance from some of the best trainers in Hyderabad. You can choose from programs such as weight loss, strength and conditioning, abs workouts, and more. These gyms in Hyderabad house not only the latest equipment but have dedicated areas for functional training. So, if you want to lose weight, build muscle or gain functional strength, this is the gym for you.

Timing – Monday to Saturday (6 AM – 10 PM) and Sunday (6 AM – 12 PM)

  1.  Skies Fitness Studio

Skies Fitness Studio

Location – Sainikpuri, Secunderabad

Located in the heart of Hyderabad, Skies Fitness Studio is the complete gym for all-round fitness. If you’re a hardcore gym workout person, this gym in Hyderabad is the place for you. It is replete with all the latest machines for a chest workout, back workout, leg workout, shoulder workout, and many other machines for a complete body transformation. The gym welcomes people with any type of fitness goals. They also conduct HIIT classes and Kickboxing sessions for cardio.

Timing – Monday to Saturday (5 AM – 1 PM; 4 PM – 9:30 PM) and Sunday (5 AM – 12 PM)

  1.  Anahata Yoga Zone

Anahata Yoga Zone

Location – Trimulgherry, Kondapur, and Sainikpuri

Another name for those looking for the best yoga classes in Hyderabad. Started by a certified Power Yoga teacher, Pratibha Agarwal, Anahata is known for its yoga classes that focus on the chakras for achieving eternal contentment, which can come only with a healthy connection between the body and mind. All the instructors at these Yoga studios in Hyderabad have years of experience in teaching Yoga. The hour-long classes consist of something new in each session; they offer the complete benefits of Yoga like fitness, flexibility, strength, weight loss, body toning, de-stressing, and meditation. Yoga classes at Anahata Yoga Zone in Hyderabad are open for beginners as well as seasoned people.

Timing – Monday to Friday (6 AM – 8 PM) and Saturday & Sunday (6 AM – 12 PM)

  1. Oyster Indoor Swimming Pool

Oyster Indoor Swimming Pool

Location – Madhapur and Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Swimming is one of the best types of full-body exercises. It is a low-impact workout and therefore, good for people of all ages. Not only can you lose weight but tone your body as well by swimming regularly. They say that you can swim 365 days a year. Physiotherapists and other experts advise swimming as a fitness activity in case you’re injured. Head to these indoor swimming pools in Hyderabad for a full-body workout. Oyster Indoor Swimming Pools in Madhapur and Banjara Hills, like most others, offer separate sessions for ladies.

 Timing - Monday to Friday (6 AM - 12 PM; 2 PM - 10 PM0 and Saturday & Sunday (6 AM - 10 PM)

Note – center timings may differ at different locations.

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