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7 HIIT Cardio Workouts To Burn Fat From Hips, Thighs & Belly

7 HIIT Cardio Workouts To Burn Fat From Hips, Thighs & Belly

Pompi Borah 15 February, 2019 Updated on : 22 Sep 2022

Are You Looking For Incredible HIIT Workout?

HIIT workouts always guaranteed to help you lose fat in all your stubborn places!

What better way to kick off your week than with a HIIT Workout routine? This is a super beginner friendly, yet challenging routine for those who are new to working out.

Enjoy the HIIT Workout combined with squat which will tone and melt the fat off your body. Do twice for a total of 20 minutes if you want to burn extra calories. One round of HIIT Workout is sufficient for any learner!

What Is HIIT Workout?

HIIT Workout represents High-power interim preparing, which alludes to the short blasts of exceptional exercise rotated with low-force recuperation periods that make up the convention. 

HIIT Workout is fast and anything besides exhausting, as it is demanding work-to-rest proportions making it apparently the most time-proficient approach to exercise and consume calories.

You can utilize the HIIT Workout convention to make up your whole exercise, or just apply to a couple of sets for super-charged finishers.

What HIIT Workout Does To Your Body?

What HIIT Workout Does To Your Body?

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a workout method in which you give hard and fast, 100% exertion through snappy, exceptional blasts of activity, trailed by short, in some cases dynamic, recuperation periods. This sort of High Intensity Interval Training gets and keeps your pulse up and consumes progressively fat in less time.

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Will HIIT Workout Influence You To Get More Fit?

Will HIIT Workout Influence You To Get More Fit?

Doing HIIT workout regularly will make your body's digestion rate enhances and this guides in preceded with weight reduction. HIIT workout can keep going for 5-30 minutes and can wreck to 400 calories for each session. Every HIIT workout routine targets explicit parts of the body for muscle conditioning and fat misfortune.

Get Ready for this Intense HIIT Workout guys! You'll be performing these Full Body Exercises.

4 Best HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss Which Will Improve Your Body's Metabolism Enhances You and this will Guides you to Proceeded in the Tracks of Weight Reduction.

1.   Burpees


Burpees! A splendid fat cutting removable HIIT workout which doesn't just help in building fit muscle yet furthermore helps in raising the processing for the whole day. Which suggests you will devour calories after your activity too. Burpee can be simply apportioned into 5 phases: Squatting, Planking, Push up, frog bounce and a Jumping squat.

You Just Need To Seek After Couple Of Stages To Perform Burpees

  • Stand Straight On The Ground To Start Burpees, And Wind Down To Make Squat Position, And Subsequently Put Your Hands Down On Get-Together Before Your Feet.
  • Kick Your Legs In Turn Around To Get Yourself Into Straight-Hand Board Position.
  • Presently Drop Your Chest To Play Out A Singular Push-Up.
  • Bow Your Chest Up In The Board Position Afresh.
  • Perform Frog Skip To Put Your Feet Forward Towards Your Hand To Get Over Into Squat Position
  • Bounce By And By From The Earliest Starting Point The Air, And Set Yourself Up For Another Excess.

 2.  Squat


Squats, a standout amongst the best high intensity workout helps in weight loss and also it creates solid legs and furthermore it is a compound development which connects with different muscles in the body.
So fabricating quality in your legs by adding the squat to your activity routine is a savvy approach to help anticipate wounds while doing your regular exercises.
The squats concentrate the muscles of hamstrings, calves, abs, and hip flexors and so on. By including numerous muscles squat causes the arrival of hormones like testosterone and human development hormone which are fundamental for muscle development.

The Most Effective Method To Complete A Squat In A Right Way 

  • Take A Wide Separation About Shoulder-Width Separated
  • Put Your Hands Out Before You For Equalization
  • Sit Back As Though You Are Sitting In A Seat, Keeping Your Feet Level On The Ground And Your Knees Behind Your Toes.
  • As You Are Sitting Back, Keep Your Chest Up And Your Head Looking Forward. When You Are First Beginning Off With Squats
  • Complete 1-3 sets with 10 reps in each set and 30-60 seconds rest in the middle. As you fabricate quality in your legs, you can include sets or more reps in each set.

3.     Push Up


In the event that you have not endeavoured with various HIIT workout the push up yet, set yourselves up. The Push Up is apparently the best high intensity interval training for strengthening your core. Join this direct HIIT workout into your activity plan. Get into the push-up position and soon you will comprehend that it challenges diverse muscle packs immediately.

You can do most prominent under 50 push up then you can go for 200 push up every day. If you are more than 75, by then you have to 300 push up multi day to get benefitted.

How To Do Push Up

  • Hold Your Core Middle Straight
  • Separate Your Legs Insignificantly
  • Place Your Hands In A Vertical Line From Your Shoulders
  • Arms Half-Turned
  • Lower Yourself Until The Moment That Your Chest Contact The Ground Come Back To Your Starting Position.

 4.    Lateral Lunge

Lateral Lunge exercise

This HIIT workout always focuses on the internal and external thighs and fortifies and tones those territories of your legs. This is additionally an amazing HIIT workout to fortify your quads, hamstrings and glutes, which makes the side lurch an extremely total lower body workout.

Correct Ways To Do The Lateral Lunge

  • Begin With Your Feet Next To Each Other
  • Step Straightforwardly To The Side Around 1/2 Body Length With One Leg
  • Keeping The Other Foot In The Beginning Spot, And Drop Yourself Down,
  • Keeping Your Front Knee Over Your Lower Leg And Behind The Toes, Until The Top Of Your Leg Is About Parallel With The Floor. 
  • Gradually Raise Yourself Back Up And Once Again Into Your Beginning Position And Rehash.

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Complete Guide Towards HIIT Cardio Workout- Get Bigger, Stronger, Better And Also Faster

Complete guide towards HIIT Cardio Workout

In case you're searching for an effective strategy to target fat, HIIT Workout may be your most solid option – particularly this HIIT cardio exercise. The way that the interims are short methods you'll propel yourself harder than you would in the event that you were doing long difficult cardio sessions or rehearsing aerobic exercise. 

Since HIIT Cardio Workout just last around 15-30 seconds each, you're driving yourself to your physical edge, which is typically feasible for short interim periods.

These extreme energy blasts from HIIT Cardio Workout works of vitality will invigorate your digestion to continue consuming great past the finishing of the exercise, as your body takes a couple of hours to re regulate its standard rate of consumption.

Your body will keep on profiting by the expanded calorie-consume post HIIT Cardio Workout, regardless of whether you're simply unwinding on the couch!

A)    Side Lunges

B)    Skaters (Fast)

C)    Sumo Squats

D)    Jumping Squats

E)    Overhead Forward Lunges
These Fat burning HIIT workouts is sure to leave you sweating and feeling challenged!

To get all types workout along with HIIT Workout, you can do that promptly in the day and night as often as possible. You can also go for HIIT Workout for women and remember to keep doing broadening and heating up before starting the push-up session.  Exceed your expectations in your HIIT Workout Classes near me with FITPASS. Keep in mind that you are in it to win it.

7 HIIT Cardio Workouts to reduce fat
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