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How FITPASS works?

FITPASS is a universal pass giving access to variety of fitness workout options in our esteemed partner network across India. Progressively helping partners to maximize utilization of their resources and earn profits.

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Becoming a partner with FITPASS is absolutely free. No listing charges, no commission and NO conditions apply. Instead we pay you for each attended workout.
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How do I get started with FITPASS?
Starting with FITPASS is a simple and smooth process. You can either email us on with details of your Gym/Fitness Studio or logon to our website here and fill our Partner form. Once we receive your details, our Business Development Executives will assess if your business is the right fit for FITPASS. If you are, our Executives will contact you for the onboarding process. Once the process is complete, your profile will be updated on our website with your workout schedule, address, and pictures.
What’s the cost to my studio to be a part of the FITPASS network?
Associating with FITPASS is absolutely free of cost and easy! As a FITPASS Partner, there is no cost that your Gym/Fitness Studio has to pay FITPASS. In fact, FITPASS will pay your Gym/Fitness Studio for every workout that is Attended at your facility. Along with this, FITPASS gives you free access to state-of-the-art Partner App and CRM to track Reservations, Payment, Schedules, Reports and so much more!!
How does FITPASS work?
With FITPASS, a customer can workout freely at any of our Partnered Gyms/Fitness Studios by purchasing a monthly membership from FITPASS of ₹1599.
How often will I be paid?
The payment for your Gym/Fitness Studio is released between the 2nd to 7th of the next month directly to your Bank account. You can easily track your payment information on the Partner App to see your current or expected revenue. For e.g. If FITPASS customers visited your gym in the month of January, the payment for the workouts attended in January will be credited to your bank account between the 2nd to the 7th of February.
What’s my commitment period as a partner?
Our contracts are 1 year long with 90% retention rate post the expiry of the contract. We encourage all our Partners for a long-term association to reap the actual benefits of this association. However, should you change your mind, FITPASS requires a 3 Months advance notice in writing.