FITPASS is a team of dynamic individuals from all walks of life with a common passion for fitness. Graduates and working professionals from the finest institutes and organizations have come together to revolutionize the fitness industry by making working out work out for everyone.

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Akshay VermaCo-founder & DirectorUBS | Columbia | Oxford | University of Delhi (1).svg
Arushi VermaCo-founder & DirectorWorld Bank | ASER Centre | SOAS | University of Delhi
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Kajal Utreja (1).svg sales/khusboo_singh.png
Khusboo Singh (1).svg sales/manisha_chauhan.png
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Yogesh Kumar (1).svg sales/junaid_bazaz.png
Junaid Bazaz (1).svg sales/ajay_dhoundiyal.png
Ajay Dhoundiyal (1).svg sales/shivam_prateek.png
Shivam Prateek (1).svg sales/mayank_gupta.png
Mayank Gupta (1).svg sales/mehar_rajput.png
Mehar Rajput
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Abhishek Pal (1).svg
Nagendra Pareek (1).svg
Ankit Verma (1).svg
Kamal Bhatt (1).svg
Mukesh Bhardwaj (1).svg
Harry Sharma (1).svg
Nanaso (1).svg
Asif Masih (1).svg
Shailesh Rathod (1).svg
Jitendra Sain (1).svg
Tanveer Alam (1).svg
David Selvan
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Sandeep Mehta (1).svg
Divvisha Bharti (1).svg
Sanjay Bagadi (1).svg
Pushkar Garg
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Amit Saxena (1).svg
Swati Padiyar
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Jnanendra Veer (1).svg
Ravinder Singh (1).svg
Rohit Rawat (1).svg
Sheeba Siddiqui (1).svg
Pankaj Saini (1).svg
Shubham Saini