A Journey Towards A Strong And Attractive Arm

Determined for strong, toned and attractive arms through arm workoutsContinue Reading

Pompi Borah
Apr 20, 2017


With the weekend party enjoy to the fullest with fitness and workouts.Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Apr 07, 2017


Fitness through right diet ,perfect exercises and don't over exercise.Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Apr 03, 2017

The Secret Behind Fasting

Get ready to fast this fasting season!Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Mar 28, 2017

6 Yoga Poses To Curb Obesity

Curb obesity with a little peace of mind.Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Mar 23, 2017

3 Exercises To Tone Your Body

This trio will help you achieve your fitness goals.Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Mar 16, 2017

4 Lifts To Make You Stronger

These 4 lifts are guarantee a stronger you!Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Mar 08, 2017

HIIT: An Effective Way To Lose Weight, Build Strength And Stamina

Shed fat and build strength. HIIT is all you need.Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Mar 03, 2017

How Delhi Likes To Workout!

Delhi is choosing to workout on the go! Anywhere, anytime. Here's how!Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Feb 27, 2017

YOGA: Connection Of Mind, Body & Soul

Calm yourself down and relieve your stress with these 5 Yoga asanas.Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Feb 24, 2017

6 Workouts For The Perfect Physique

This workout regime will test everything you've got!Continue Reading

Pompi Borah
Feb 21, 2017

10 Foods To Help You Lose Weight In A Month

10 Superfoods to help you lose weight fast.Continue Reading

Feb 16, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Keep You Fit

Gift ideas in line with your's and your significant other's fitness regime!Continue Reading

Feb 13, 2017

6 Things To Try Out With Your Partner This V-Day

Nothing is better than killing it at the gym with your significant other.Continue Reading

Feb 08, 2017

Leg Workout For Women

Here's how to kick the unnecessary fat out of your legs by these pumping and easy to do leg exercises, specifically for women.Continue Reading

Mitul Govil
Jan 27, 2017

How To Make Workout At Work

Is your super busy schedule increasing your income and waistline simultaneously?Continue Reading

Mitul Govil
Jan 23, 2017

How Can Whey Protein Shape Your Body

Adding whey protein to your diet? Here's all you need to know!Continue Reading

Jan 17, 2017

How To Squat Properly?

Squats, how to the ace the most underrrated bodyweight exercise out there!Continue Reading

Dhruv Bajaj
Jan 10, 2017

Hottest Beats For Your Workouts

Workouts can't be complete without music. Especially if the music isn't about giving them feels that'll raise your motivation and adrenaline levels to new highs.Continue Reading

Mitul Govil
Jan 04, 2017

The One Where Monica Was All About Fitness

Monica is not just for the cleanliness! Yes, she has her way with being fit, too. Here is how she can inspire you to get fit.Continue Reading

Mitul Govil
Jan 02, 2017

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