Everything You Need To Know About High Intensity Interval Training
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Everything You Need To Know About High Intensity Interval Training
Published on: 13th Sep,2018
Last Updated on: 16th May,2024

If you are looking for a short, energy packed and strength enhancing workout regime, then High-Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIT) is just for you. It is also known as High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise (HIIE) or Sprint Interval

Training (SIT). HIIT lasts for only 30 minutes and is required to only be performed 2-3 days a week. The maximum rate of oxygen consumption (VO2 max) is measured during HIIT workouts.

It is a diverse and demanding cardiovascular workout regime that includes short intense an aerobic sessions with even shorter recovery periods.

What are the different types of HIIT?

What are the different types of HIIT?

There are four different types of High Intensive Interval Training workout regimes:

1. Peter Coe Regimen: This HIIT regimen was propounded in the 1970s by athletic coach, Peter Coe. It involves set sessions of fast 200m runs with a recovery period of only 30 seconds.

2. Tabata Regimen: A Japanese professor, Dr. Izumi Tabata, developed the Tabata Regime in the 90s to train Olympic speed skaters. Tabata is broken up into 8 sets of 30-second workouts. Each 30-second set consists of 20 seconds of intense workout and 10 seconds of rest.  This fast-paced workout regimen compels you to put in your maximum effort at 170 percent VO2 max. Some of the Tabata exercises are Jump Squat, Lateral Lunge to Knee Drive, Single Leg Push Up and Russian Twist. 

Some of the Tabata exercises are Jump Squat, Lateral Lunge to Knee Drive, Single Leg Push Up and Russian Twist

3. Gibala Regimen: Gibala Regimen is a 4-minute workout that gives you results of a 5-week workout. Martin Gibala formulated the Gibala Regimen of HIIT in 2004. A professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Gibala included 3 minutes of warm-up, 1 minute of only intense cycling and 75 seconds of rest in this High-Intensity Interval Workout Training. Experience a VO2 max of 95 percent power with only one minute of Gibala routine. It is repeated for 8 – 12 cycles.

4. Zuniga Regimen: Assistant professor of exercise science at Creighton University, Jorge Zuniga wanted to develop the shortest and most intense HIIT routine. And voila! He came up with the Zuniga Regimen. This type of HIIT regimen involves 10 reps of 30 seconds of a workout and 30 seconds recovery time, totaling up to a 3 minute faster workout.

5 Major Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Major Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

  • Maximum energy and short recovery time stabilize oxygen levels in your body.
  • HIIT heightens metabolism and provides faster calorie burn lasting for 2 – 3 days.
  • Unlike other tedious workout regimes, HIIT is faster, more efficient and therefore, result oriented.
  • It suppresses ghrelin - the hunger hormone. So, you are less hungry.
  • It strengthens muscle mass and invigorates the cardiovascular system.   

When should you not perform HIIT?            

HIIT workout is for everyone. If you have a stable health condition, then there are absolutely no limitations to performing this workout regime. But, don’t opt for it during these following cases:

  • You have undergone any injury.
  • You are suffering from a chronic cardiac ailment or have undergone cardiac surgery.
  • You are suffering from osteoporosis.
  • You have any type of incontinence or pelvic floor weakness.
  • You are pregnant or are in postpartum.

In an era of instant solutions, you can hardly wait for months for fitness results. HIIT is one fitness formula that helps you to be fit, yet maintain work-life balance.

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