How to Keep Your Belly in Shape?

How to Keep Your Belly in Shape?

FITPASS Editorial Team14 January, 2020Updated on : 10 Apr 2023

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to get that flat belly. One of the most important things to do is change your habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Consistent efforts you put in to make the right choices will eventually fetch you the desired results. We will figure out ways to maintain that flat belly for a lifetime. You may think it’s difficult, but it’s not. If you keep the tips in mind and act accordingly, then you are going to reap the rewards for your commitment towards your health and fitness.

Ways to maintain a flat belly

  1. Exercise regularly

You must devote at least 30 mins to some form of exercise in your daily routine. Including more cardiovascular activity can help to burn fat and maintain your flat stomach. You can also add  HIIT workouts, they will help you to reach your goals faster by increasing the body’s fat-burning rate.

  1. Take control of your eating habits

Your eating habits play a vital role in your overall health and fitness while keeping your bell in shape. It’s important to keep a track of what you are eating. Avoid processed foods, junk food, soda, chips, etc. as all these processed foods contain high amounts of sugar that will keep you away from the flat tummy. Always try to include whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and heart-healthy fats! As per a study, researchers found that people who limited their refined carbs servings to less than one had less than ten percent visceral fat. Also, make sure that you take frequent meals and do not diet. When you eat less, your body stores the added fat for energy instead of burning it.

  1. Get Adequate Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for keeping the immune system fit. Scientific research has shown that having less than six hours of sleep is not good for your health. When you sleep less, the body produces cortisol hormone in large amounts which hampers your fat loss process and increases belly fat thus hindering your goal of maintaining belly shape.  

  1. Say No to Alcohol 

Having alcohol regularly will increase your weight as it slows down the fat-burning process. You must limit your intake of alcohol and keep it minimum if you want to maintain that flat belly.

  1. Take out time for relaxation

Stress and anxiety release excess cortisol hormones that increase the body’s tendency to store fat in the abdominal section. Include relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing in your routine to alleviate stress. Take out five minutes every hour to practice breathing exercises.

  1. Have more Liquids

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for most of your body functions. One must drink 8- 10 glasses of water daily. This not only helps to prevent bloating but also boosts the metabolism. In addition to water, you can also have coconut water, green tea or herbal teas, and fresh juices. 

  1. Limit Sugar

Sugar is the cause of various health ailments and is one of the major factors that lead to weight gain & obesity. Being aware of your food habits is very important. The awareness of your daily intake of sugar products will help you to cut back on the consumption of it. Most of the food we consume has some form of sugar in it. Some have natural sugar and some artificial or refined sugar. You can’t do much about the natural sugar, but you can avoid adding refined sugar into your diet. Next time whenever you go grocery shopping, make sure to read the label. By limiting your sugar intake you will move closer to your goal of maintaining that flat belly

  1. Include Herbs

Keeping your belly in shape is a difficult task that every single person is trying to achieve. Your kitchen has the best ingredients that help you with any and every health-related issue. Certain herbs and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, rosemary, cumin, parsley, and many other herbs are very much useful in the weight loss process, and including them in your daily meals can help to maintain a flat belly while improving digestion. Herbs are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that boost metabolism which helps you to burn fat. 

  1. Start a food and journal

Keeping a track of your daily calorie intake is going to help you in many ways. It helps you to identify foods that you can cut down for good. You can also identify patterns in your eating habits and add more nutritional foods. A food journal will help you to make sure that your calorie intake is in proportion to the calories you burn. You will be able to make the right choices to maintain that flat tummy. 

  1. Keep yourself motivated

Maintaining belly shape is a daunting task but some simple techniques will help you to stay determined to reach the set numbers. To stay on your path to maintaining a flat belly, you must keep yourself motivated. Set achievable goals, develop a habit of healthy eating, record your daily activities and keep a track of your progress. Don’t be harsh on yourself,  reward yourself for meeting your targets. Accept failures, but don’t give up. Continue making small changes in your lifestyle to keep up the enthusiasm.

The above ways are key to achieving and maintaining a flat stomach. However, you should also note that keeping your belly in shape is not an easy task but it’s not impossible either. You only need to be aware of the habits that are keeping you away from the desired goal and work towards adopting a healthy lifestyle. Making small but necessary changes in your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle will make it a piece of cake.


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