Get A Flat Tummy

Get A Flat Tummy

FITPASS Editorial Team27 April, 2016Updated on : 26 May 2023

Who doesn’t want celeb-like sexy abs? Well I do!

Getting a flat belly is easy only if you are active enough and consume an accurate amount of calories.

While cardio helps to reduce belly fat, it is not enough to tone your belly and other specific parts. It is important to hit the gym, and hit it hard to really focus on your abs.

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Best Workouts For Flat Tummy


Front Plank

This one single exercise will give you strong abs. It is best for the core, arms, and shoulders. Well, actually this simple exercise strengthens the entire body.

  1. Start from a pushup position.
  2. Rest your weight on the forearms and not hands.
  3. Keep the back, shoulders, and ankles in one straight line.
  4. Hold the position for 30 seconds or more.
  5. Explore different variations of plank workout for better results.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches

  1. This workout focuses on the abdomen to stabilize the legs.
  2. Lie straight on the floor and place the hands behind your head.
  3. Lift the right leg straight, parallel to the ground, and bend your left knee, thighs are perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Touch your knee to the opposite elbow and repeat from the other side.
  5. Do bicycle pedal motion with your legs.

You can do this exercise even if you are too lazy to workout.

The Hundred Exercise

Hundres Exercises

The Hundred exercise is a Pilates warmup. As easy as it sounds, trusts me it can work up your core like a hundred crunches can.

  1. To start, lie straight on the ground with the arms extended on the sides.
  2. Lift both legs parallel to the ground and raise your arms over the thighs.
  3. Move your arms up and down for at least 5 times.
  4. Breathe in and out as you move your arms.

Leg Drop

Leg Drop Exercises

This workout can work your entire core. Do it every day to get the best results.

  1. Raise your legs 90 degrees from the ground.
  2. Breathe in and squeeze your abs.
  3. Exhale and lower the legs slowly. Keep them 4 inches away from the ground.
  4. Don’t lift your lower back as you go down

Side Squat Reach

Side Squats

Follow this workout to get the strong never-like-before abs of steel.

  1. Start with the wide squat, feet facing out and knees bent.
  2. Don’t let the knees go over the toes.
  3. Raise the right arm and bend the body towards the left side.
  4. Bring the right arm down again and repeat for the other side.

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