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Adapt and Overcome | Introducing FITPASS-TV

Pushkar Garg05 May 2020

Do not miss out on home workouts during the lockdown. Check out FITPASS-TV to attend live workout sessions conducted by certified trainers....

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How to Stay Healthy to Prevent COVID-19

Pushkar Garg19 Mar 2020

Find out how you can improve your body’s immune functions to prevent coronavirus and other infections. ...

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Should I Workout at the Gym during the Corona Epidemic?

Pushkar Garg14 Mar 2020

Worried about visiting the gym with the coronavirus threat? Find out if you can workout at the gym during the coronavirus pandemic...

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7 Household Items for Makeshift Exercise Equipment

Don’t have workout equipment at home? Find out about 7 everyday household items for resistance training and weight train...

Pushkar Garg
18 May 2020

How Long It Takes To Get In Shape

Wondering how long it takes to get in shape? It depends on a lot of factors. Find out what all you need to do to get bac...

Pushkar Garg
17 Dec 2019

How To Make Working Out A Habit

Do you find it difficult to stick to a workout routine no matter how hard you try? Find out 5 easy ways to make exercisi...

Pushkar Garg
13 Nov 2019

Workout Routines That Help Burn More Calories Than Running

Want to burn more calories in less time? Check out these workout routines that help you burn calories faster than runnin...

Pushkar Garg
23 Sep 2019

5 Killer Back Workout Exercises To Shape Your Back The Way You Desire

Back Workout is an essential part of your gym routine. Read here killer Back Exercises which will sculpt your strong b...

Barkha Sharma
15 Apr 2019

Pilates: The Friendly Workout Routine That Boosts Your Overall Fitness

Pilates was developed in the 20th century by a German physical trainer, named, Joseph Pilates. Joseph believed that ment...

Jubika Khanna
18 Sep 2018

How Many Times Should You Workout In A Week To Get That Perfect Bod?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask when they are starting a new workout routine. But, exercise fre...

Sukanya Awasthi
21 Aug 2018

Things To Remember Before Starting A Workout Routine

Preparing for a workout is as essential as the workout itself. Here's a list of the most important things you should re...

Sanjana Kaushik
05 Dec 2015
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