Seven Stunner Strength Training Workouts to Burn as a Beginner
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Seven Stunner Strength Training Workouts to Burn as a Beginner
Published on: 09th Jan,2023
Last Updated on: 03th Mar,2023

The first rule for first time gym goers is to shed all your hesitations and repressions. You have stepped one step forward to your dream body and that must be highly cherished and appreciated. If you want your fundamentals to be strong just as you begin your journey, then you are at the right place. We will offer you some of the best, super-effective exercises to build strength and muscle.

Strength training may seem tough at the beginning as your endurance is tested and shifted to achieve the desired strength. Anybody weak from within must not think about carrying a strength training routine just like that. Offer your body vital nutrients to stay energized and perform a strength training program effectively. Also, if you’re planning to target muscles individually then it may seem a distant dream to achieve focus that easily. If you want to loosen the process in your initial moments then it’s better to focus on each part effectively with certain moves that benefit their respective target muscles. That way you will get a hold of those moves and enhance your performance to be better each time you perform them. Strength is not built in a day so don’t worry if you’re getting exhausted. Focus on building strength gradually as you proceed with your journey.

We have mentioned some of the best exercises for strength training for beginners that work as a foundation for many different exercises. Once you attain mastery over these, you will easily adapt to the necessities of the whole routine.

Effective exercises to build strength and muscle


Perfect exercise to start with, squat targets legs and core muscles helping them to get toned. It’s a perfect lower-body workout that uses body weight to elevate the toning. You can easily train your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles with squat exercises. Once you master the move and can retain the position for a longer time it’s time to level up. Take dumbbells on each hand and start performing it for better results.


Lunges are multi-joint exercise that targets various points in the lower body. It tones and strengthens muscles including calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Lunges are unilateral movements in which the target is set individually on each leg. Your hip flexors are stretched, improving the flexibility of the area. Perform lunges with weights and see a faster difference around your lower body.


Deadlift helps in building long, thick, and powerful muscles as well as help in strengthening the connective tissues and bones. It focuses on the back of your glutes and hamstrings engaging the shoulders, back, and core as well. It’s a hip-hinging movement that activates your hip extensors and improves bone mineral density. The lower back plays a key area during the performance, your spine remains straight and puts pressure on your legs while getting up. Practice without weights in the beginning, eventually, you can hold a barbell or dumbbell in each hand.

Bent over row

Hold the position of half deadlift, and stay still with your torso with your hands hanging down. Hold weights in each hand, pull over from your elbows, and repeat. It’s a pulling exercise, involving your upper body that includes your back, shoulders, and biceps. Your legs are in support of your body weight, building strength and endurance overall.


By far the most incredible body-weight workout that works wonders as your strength training exercise. The push-ups target the muscles in your chest (pectoralis major), shoulders (scapular muscles), and triceps. It uses your elbow and wrists, contributing to your core stability while holding the body steady. While performing push-ups, you work multiple muscles at a time helping in building strength and toning them.

Hollow body hold

A perfect isometric exercise that helps you build a strong core engaging your obliques, muffin-top, and abs. It also improves your spinal stability by conditioning your lower back. It keeps your spine in proper alignment, strengthening the glutes, hip flexors, and abdominal muscles. If your neck hurts, you can begin by placing your neck down on the mat and keeping your spine straight and legs elevated.


The master of all moves, Plank is considered to be an essential muscular strength exercise. It is the biggest core engagement workout that strengthens the area and helps you to maximize your endurance and retention power. It also helps in losing your belly fat and improves your body alignment. Begin by holding the position for 20-30 secs. Keep extending it 5 seconds every alternate day.

These seven strength training workouts are the best way to begin your training program. You can easily advance to different workouts by practicing these in your initial days. These workouts can be easily performed at your home or your nearest gym. If you are looking for an ideal place to start with your fitness program then download FITPASS and get access to thousands of gyms accommodated near you.

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