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How to Stay Healthy to Prevent COVID-19

Pushkar Garg19 Mar 2020

Find out how you can improve your body’s immune functions to prevent coronavirus and other infections. ...

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How to Get the Best of your Home Workout

Pushkar Garg18 Mar 2020

Find out how you can stay fit by working out at home. Follow these tips to increase the efficacy of your home workouts....

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Should I Workout at the Gym during the Corona Epidemic?

Pushkar Garg14 Mar 2020

Worried about visiting the gym with the coronavirus threat? Find out if you can workout at the gym during the coronavirus pandemic...

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5 Workout Routines That Will Change Fitness Activities

Looking for new and exciting workout routines? Check out these 5 workouts routines that are set to change the way you wo...

Pushkar Garg
08 Jan 2020

10 Tips To Keep Your 2020 Fitness Resolutions

Do you want to stick to your fitness resolution in 2020? Find out 10 ways you can set realistic fitness goals and achiev...

Pushkar Garg
26 Dec 2019

Workout Tips | Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Are you wondering if you can workout every day? While it is important to exercise 3-4 times a week, you need not necessa...

Pushkar Garg
16 Dec 2019

How To Do Correct Push Ups : Different Types And Benefits

Perform push ups, a strength exercise that targets your upper body. It is a great way to stay fit and gain some muscle m...

Pompi Borah
18 Jun 2019

So, You Finally Quit Your Workout? These Are The Changes In Store For You

Workout affects all parts of your body and controls the release of neurotransmitters like endorphins, serotonin, and dop...

Jubika Khanna
30 Oct 2018

7 Easy Exercises To Enjoy A Guilt Free And Fit Durga Puja

The grand festival of Durga Puja is here! It is time for new clothes, pandal hopping, feasting, gathering, lots of Insta...

Jubika Khanna
16 Oct 2018

How Many Times Should You Workout In A Week To Get That Perfect Bod?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask when they are starting a new workout routine. But, exercise fre...

Sukanya Awasthi
21 Aug 2018

A Lazy Person’s Guide To Working Out

Too lazy to workout but still want to get fit? Feeling too lazy or unmotivated to workout is something that every person...

Pompi Borah
08 Aug 2018

7 Workout Myths We Should Break Today

Break the workout myths that are causing hindrance to your workouts!...

Sukanya Awasthi
24 Jul 2018

5 Hydrating Summer Foods

High temperatures during summers make staying hydrated essential. Hot summers put us at the risk of dehydration. Not dri...

Pompi Borah
16 Jul 2018

Why You Should Adopt Plyometrics Workout Today

Plyometric exercises work a combination of muscles, build strength and help you lose weight within a short span of time....

Pompi Borah
18 Jun 2018

Tips To Avoid Overeating After A Workout

What results in overeating is the same weight you were when you just began exercising or even gain a few extra pounds. T...

Rukmani Anand
01 Jun 2018

Best Bodyweight Exercises To Build Muscle

Body weight exercises are those in which you do not have to use any free weights or machines, it is all about pulling yo...

Pompi Borah
11 Sep 2017

All Your Health Myths Debunked

Here is our attempt at breaking all your fitness myths. Read on!...

Sanjana Kaushik
09 May 2016

Things To Remember Before Starting A Workout Routine

Preparing for a workout is as essential as the workout itself. Here's a list of the most important things you should re...

Sanjana Kaushik
05 Dec 2015
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