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How Strength Training Benefits Older Women & Men

How Strength Training Benefits Older Women & Men

Pushkar Garg 15 December, 2020 Updated on : 14 Mar 2022

No matter your age, if you exercise, which you should, you ought to do strength training. A balance between cardio and strength training can help you prevent diseases and illnesses in your senior years. Older women as well as men can have stronger muscles by including some of the strength training exercises in their workout routine. If you feel that you lack the strength to complete everyday tasks and activities, strength training is the way to go.

Obviously, a strength training session will be different for you as compared to someone who is in their twenties. But that does not make strength training less important for you, if anything it makes it more important. According to experts, you should train your major muscle groups at least 2 times every week. If that is not possible for you due to ailments, you must do as much strength training as you possibly can. It can improve your quality of life by slowly improving your strength. All you need to do is follow the advice of your trainer and focus on form, breathing, and safe progression. Join India’s Largest Fitness Network – FITPASS – to attend strength training sessions at multiple gyms in your area and across the country.

5 Benefits of Strength Training for Older People

  1. Weight Management

Weight Management

Keeping your weight in check in your older years can be the difference between staying fit and being excessively prone to illnesses. That being said, being underweight is no help either if you want your vital organs to function properly. Having as little body fat and more muscle is THE way to stay fit. Too much weight puts pressure on your organs like the heart and lungs, whereas managing your weight allows them to function properly. However, having a negative attitude towards weight can also be a problem. You should not sacrifice strength training just because you want to lose weight; muscle weighs more than fat. To reiterate, some muscle is essential. Therefore, your goal should be losing fat instead of weight loss. Strength training burns fat, especially in those body parts where you already have enough of it.

  1. Reduced Risk of Injury

Reduced Risk of Injury

When you lift weights, the body gains strength that reduces the chances of injury. And it is essential as you age so that the body can support itself. As you probably know, injuries take a long time to heal in older years. Therefore, focus on getting more stability and strengthening your bones, which comes with strong muscles. They are like a bubble wrap for your bones; the stronger they are, the more protection for your bones. That way you can reduce the risk of injuries. Including strength training in your workout routine will not only enable you to do more but make you stronger inside.

  1. Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Sleep is the secret ingredient to good health; good sleep can heal anything. Weight training benefits include not only physical aspects but mental health as well. When you go to bed, you should be feeling the need to relax naturally, and having done strength training can help with that. However, if you do strength training just before bed, you might have a hard time sleeping. But when you do it in the morning or fairly early in the evening, you tire out and fall asleep quicker. Besides that, your sleep is deeper than usual and you’re unlikely to be disturbed or interrupted. So, instead of drinking alcohol or taking pills, include a bit of strength training in your routine to sleep better.

  1. Improved Metabolism

Improved Metabolism

Each person’s metabolism differs from another’s. However, usually, it is better and faster when you’re younger. Having nutrient-dense foods is important to keep everything functioning well. So at your age, you need to eat foods that boost your metabolism rather than eating foods that slow it down. It would be a good idea to consult a nutritionist and create a diet plan that helps you in that matter. Consult dedicated personal nutritionists with FITFEAST. Strength training can also help in that regard. It reduces fat reserves, which in itself is good for your metabolism and hence your body.

  1. Better Mental Health

Better Mental Health

Not many people know this but mental health plays a big role in physical fitness. If you do not have a positive mindset regarding working out, you’re unlikely to visit the gym. But if you feel good, you will work out at home or at a fitness studio. Weight training pumps the entire body and helps you work harder. It increases the production of endorphins – hormones responsible for happiness. If you do not feel happy or better during the workout, don’t give up because you’ll be feeling much better after, especially after taking a shower. It helps reduce everyday stress and worries that go on every day in your life. Mental health also deteriorates with age as socializing reduces. Strength training will directly improve your mental health.

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