3 Effective Exercises To Strengthen Your Shoulder
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3 Effective Exercises To Strengthen Your Shoulder
Published on: 28th May,2018
Last Updated on: 06th May,2022

Shoulders – one of the most sensitive joints in the body have an incredible range of motion, allowing athletes to throw a ball or swing a bat. But the support structure for shoulders relies primarily on the muscles and connective tissues. While many exercises can develop strong shoulders, which is great others don’t help much.

It is essential to be careful when you work on your shoulders. You need to strengthen your shoulders in a way that they don’t get damaged.

Here are three shoulder strengthening exercises that you can perform effectively to build your shoulders

Water Bottle Stabiliser

Want to tone your shoulders, but don’t have weights? We got you covered! Just use two full one-liter bottles in either hand to make your workout complete, and you will end up with the best shoulder workout you can find. The water bottle stabilizer is a quick and effective workout targeting all around your shoulders with water bottles to help tone them up to perfection.

Arm Circles with Weights

Grab some weights to sculpt your shoulders and arms fast, no matter what your fitness level is. When you feel the need to burn your arms, you know you are getting a good workout. To strengthen your shoulder,you don't need to do over a thousand reps to get a deep burn. Grab your dumbbells and get ready to get an upper body pump!

Internal and External Rotation with Resistance Bands

If you are looking for a new shoulder exercise, look no further! A great way to strengthen your shoulders through internal and external rotations with resistance bands. To perform this exercise, grab a resistance band around your wrists. If you don’t have a resistance band, you can tie the band around both wrists. Spread your hands wide, recruiting your scapula retractors (muscles that squeeze your shoulder blades back) and shoulder external rotators (muscles that rotate your shoulder out). Do not plant your hand on the wall for this exercise and try to point your thumbs towards you instead of keeping the palms towards the wall. This will increase the amount of external rotation needed at the shoulder.

Apart from these, there are numerous shoulder workouts which are extremely effective. To stick to the entire workout, one should have a lot of willpower as it is challenging. The shoulder joint takes quite a bit of abuse, but it can be strengthened. By gaining control of your scapula and rotator cuff, you can lessen the potential for shoulder trauma. Any exercise that involves the shoulder joint will benefit from performing these stretches and drills, including the bench press. Consider adding these workouts to your own plan as you progress to your peak physique!

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