Basic Gym Routine | 5 Simple Gym Exercises to do After the Lockdown

Pushkar Garg23 Sep 2020

Thinking of going back to the gym? Check out these basic exercises at the gym for a simple yet effective workout after lockdown....

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Is it Safe to Visit the Gym After Lockdown?

Pushkar Garg14 Sep 2020

Wondering if it is safe to go to the gym? Find out all you need to know about gym reopening in India. Read all the precautions you can take and the guidelines issued by the government....

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Post Workout Meal | What to Eat After Exercise

Pushkar Garg28 Aug 2020

Find out why a post-workout meal is the most important meal of the day. Read about the 5 best post-workout meals that can help achieve your workout goals in time....

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How To Do Correct Push Ups : Different Types And Benefits

Perform push ups, a strength exercise that targets your upper body. It is a great way to stay fit and gain some muscle m...

Pompi Borah
18 Jun 2019

How Many Times Should You Workout In A Week To Get That Perfect Bod?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask when they are starting a new workout routine. But, exercise fre...

Sukanya Awasthi
21 Aug 2018

7 Workout Myths We Should Break Today

Break the workout myths that are causing hindrance to your workouts!...

Sukanya Awasthi
24 Jul 2018

Intermittent Fasting 101

The underlying principle behind fasting in intervals is skipping a meal thus creating a calorie deficit which in turn re...

Sukanya Awasthi
18 Jul 2018

Train According To Your Body Type – Receive The Best Results.

This blog informs you about your body type/Structure and how one should workout accordingly and take a healthy diet...

Nipun Kadyan
07 Nov 2017

Types Of Minerals And Vitamins In Bananas, Which Can Help Boost Your Body's Health.

Banana is a great source of energy and helps in a speedy recovery post workout and has numerous vitamins, minerals and p...

Nipun Kadyan
31 Oct 2017

Key Habits To Maintain Your Weight Loss

Maintaining the perfect weight, once achieved can be as difficult as losing it. Read this blog and learn the 7 tips of w...

Pompi Borah
25 Sep 2017

9 Types Of People You Spot In A Gym

Have you ever met or witnessed these unique personalities in your gym or fitness studio? Read this blog to know more abo...

Mayank Gaba
02 Aug 2017

Key Points On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Daily Diet

Receive every single drop of nutrition from your daily diet. Read this article to learn about the different hacks which ...

Pompi Borah
28 Jul 2017

5 Dumbbell Workouts To Get Attractive Arms

Looking for some kickass arm workout? Read this blog and follow these 5 dumbbell exercises that will help you build the ...

Mayank Gaba
17 Jul 2017

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Joining A Gym

Looking Forward to join The Gym for the first time? Look at this Blog to know more...

Nipun Kadyan
03 Jul 2017

CrossFit: Turn Up The Intensity This Summer

Here's what you can do to get fit and stay fit this summer....

05 May 2017

3 Exercises To Tone Your Body

This trio will help you achieve your fitness goals....

Pompi Borah
16 Mar 2017

HIIT: An Effective Way To Lose Weight, Build Strength And Stamina

Shed fat and build strength. HIIT is all you need....

Pompi Borah
03 Mar 2017

6 Workouts For The Perfect Physique

This workout regime will test everything you've got! Working out makes you feel good, and is a great stress buster aft...

Pompi Borah
21 Feb 2017

5 Workouts To Get Back On-Track With Your Fitness

Been out of the game for too long? We've got 5 workouts to get you back on track....

29 Aug 2016
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