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FITPASS + Health Insurance Plan | What is covered in my Insurance?

Pushkar Garg15 Jul 2020

Find out the benefits of the health insurance policy + fitness memberships offered by FITPASS in amazing combo plans....

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Adapt and Overcome | Introducing FITPASS-TV

Pushkar Garg05 May 2020

Do not miss out on home workouts during the lockdown. Check out FITPASS-TV to attend live workout sessions conducted by certified trainers....

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How to Stay Healthy to Prevent COVID-19

Pushkar Garg19 Mar 2020

Find out how you can improve your body’s immune functions to prevent coronavirus and other infections. ...

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Make A Promise of Fitness This Raksha Bandhan

Find how you can ensure good health and fitness of your sibling this Raksha Bandhan....

Pushkar Garg
03 Aug 2020

Should I Workout at the Gym during the Corona Epidemic?

Worried about visiting the gym with the coronavirus threat? Find out if you can workout at the gym during the coronaviru...

Pushkar Garg
14 Mar 2020

Workout Tips | Can I exercise when I have a Cold or the Flu?

Find out whether you should be working out when you have the flu or the cold. Find out the precautions you should take i...

Pushkar Garg
04 Mar 2020

7 Stretching Exercises for Office Workers

Most office workers experience stiffness and pain in their body due to prolonged sitting. Read about easy and effective ...

Pushkar Garg
25 Feb 2020

The Effects of Alcohol on your Fitness Routine

Find out the relation between consuming alcohol and fitness and why you should avoid it before and after working out....

Pushkar Garg
05 Feb 2020

5 Things Successful Diets Have In Common

Most successful diets have a few things in common. Find out what the Paleo Diet, Low-carb Diet, plant-based Diet, Medite...

Pushkar Garg
19 Dec 2019

Stay Active To Dismiss The Stress Of Your Hectic Work Schedule

There is no greater motivation than money. So, in order to get fit, join any fitness class or group workout class near y...

Rukmani Anand
20 Dec 2018

Common Winter Health Concerns And How You Can Combat Them In The Cold

Run and play to keep pulmonary and cardiac diseases away! In order to keep the body warm in winters, the heart pumps mor...

Rukmani Anand
13 Dec 2018

Workout To Get Fitter And Wiser: Life Lessons We Get From Exercise

A workout is something that you do for yourself, for your own improvement and benefit. It is the activity that brings a...

Rukmani Anand
06 Dec 2018

Gift Your Child Fitness With Fun. Here’s How It’s Done

Let your child understand the boons of a healthy lifestyle from the beginning. Gift them fitness wrapped in the entertai...

Jubika Khanna
15 Nov 2018

Got Post Diwali Blues? Here’s How You Can Detox

So what if Diwali is over? Revitalize and lift yourself up. Get rid of the blues and gear up for the happy and healthy N...

Jubika Khanna
08 Nov 2018

7 Easy Exercises To Enjoy A Guilt Free And Fit Durga Puja

The grand festival of Durga Puja is here! It is time for new clothes, pandal hopping, feasting, gathering, lots of Insta...

Jubika Khanna
16 Oct 2018

Ditch The Calorie For Good With These 7 Navratri Fitness Hacks

Who would want to follow a strict workout and diet regime during Navratri? After all, it is a nine-day festival full of ...

Jubika Khanna
09 Oct 2018

5 Super Easy And Effective Diets That You Can Follow

As soon as we start dieting, our cravings seem to augment on a whole new level. Initially, our weight loss workout progr...

Jubika Khanna
20 Sep 2018

6 Reasons Why You Always Feel So Hungry

We know how hard you try to stick to your diet. But at the same time, you cannot resist the frequent bouts of hunger. Wh...

Sukanya Awasthi
28 Aug 2018

How Many Times Should You Workout In A Week To Get That Perfect Bod?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask when they are starting a new workout routine. But, exercise fre...

Sukanya Awasthi
21 Aug 2018

Static Stretches Or Dynamic Stretches: Which One Should You Do Before You Start Your Workout?

You have to do warm-up stretches every day before starting your workouts, right? Whether that be strength training or ca...

Sukanya Awasthi
17 Aug 2018

A Lazy Person’s Guide To Working Out

Too lazy to workout but still want to get fit? Feeling too lazy or unmotivated to workout is something that every person...

Pompi Borah
08 Aug 2018
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