10 Home Remedies to Immediately Lower Blood Sugar

10 Home Remedies to Immediately Lower Blood Sugar

Baansuri Dass 17 February, 2023 Updated on : 03 Mar 2023

High blood sugar levels are commonly seen in people diagnosed with diabetes, a disease where the body’s ability to absorb sugar from the blood is impaired. Sometimes, sugar levels may be moderately high but not high enough to be classified as diabetes. These cases are classified as pre-diabetic. Although medicines help lower the sugar levels in the blood, there is no permanent cure for the disease and one has to alter their lifestyle and diet to maintain healthy glucose levels.

Knowing how to reduce blood sugar level immediately can help one lead a healthy life, prevent obesity and also avoid potentially harmful conditions. Here are 10 great tips on how to control sugar levels in the blood.

High carbs food

Carbohydrates are sugar compounds like glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc. They're present in everyday foods like rice, bread and potatoes. Sweets, cakes and candy also contain a very high amount of carbohydrates. When you have too much sugar, your body’s ability to absorb and utilise it for energy is impaired, thus leading to blood sugar spikes.

To lower your blood sugar levels, keep carb-heavy foods to a minimum.

Women regular workout routine

Regular physical activity and exercise can lower blood sugar levels because of increased insulin sensitivity. When your muscles are working, they need more energy and therefore, sugar absorption occurs with better efficiency. To maintain normal blood glucose, engage in physical activities like walking, running, swimming, dancing, cycling etc.

Drinking water

Drinking enough water helps your kidneys flush out the extra sugar in your body, thus maintaining healthy levels in the blood. Drinking water may also help you avoid unnecessary snacking and keep you hydrated. Plain, fresh water is best, although you may have other zero-calorie beverages. Avoid sugary sodas and beverages at all costs, since they can shoot up your sugar levels in no time.

Meal measure portion control

Watching how much you eat can moderate your carbs intake and prevent overeating. This will consequently lower sugar levels in the blood. Portion control also helps prevent weight gain, a known cause of diabetes and increased blood glucose.

flour and cereals With Low Glycemic

The glycemic index signifies how quickly your body can break down and absorb foods. A high glycemic index means the sugars in the food are absorbed rapidly and reach the blood in no time. This can lead to frequent spikes in blood glucose.

Include foods with a low glycemic index, like whole grains, vegetables and other high-fibre foods. The sugars in such foods are absorbed over a longer time, thus helping regulate normal glucose levels and preventing sugar crashes.

Sugar level affecting stress

Stress is known to adversely affect sugar levels in the blood. When stressed, hormones released in the body directly lead to increased glucose in the blood. Practice relaxation and meditation techniques to reduce stress and effectively lower blood sugar levels.

Man Inadequate sleeping in his bed

Getting enough sleep and rest moderates insulin sensitivity and prevents spikes in blood sugar levels. Inadequate sleep can lead to increased appetite, night snacking and eventual weight gain. This, in turn, leads to increased blood sugar levels and pre-diabetic conditions. To improve your sleeping patterns, avoid caffeine at night, reduce screen time, avoid staying up late and follow a consistent sleep schedule.

Healthy Meal

Studies suggest that having smaller meals more frequently is better than having larger meals two or three times a day. Having big meals increases blood sugar level, which then crashes down later, making you more hungry. This erratic behaviour can lead to poor insulin sensitivity. Sugar levels are better regulated when you have smaller but more frequent meals, thus avoiding both low and high blood glucose.

Excessive sugar intake can lead to weight gain and obesity

Obesity and weight gain can put one at risk of developing diabetes and having high sugar levels. Maintaining body weight is one of the best ways to reduce your chances of developing not just diabetes, but many other systemic conditions. Even a 5% reduction in body weight has been known to drastically improve blood sugar and avoid diabetes medications.

monitoring your blood glucose

Regularly monitoring your blood glucose may be the key to understanding how your body absorbs sugars. You can use a glucometer to measure your blood glucose and keep track of your sugar levels. Timely measurement of your blood glucose and knowing how to control sugar level immediately can prevent medical emergencies.

To incorporate these tips better and further understand how to reduce blood sugar level, consult a nutritionist who can guide you with the best diet to lower your blood glucose. With FITFEAST, you can get dedicated, real-time diet and nutrition assistance anytime, anywhere. Simply launch the FITPASS app, enrol for FITFEAST and connect with your personal nutritionist, who can also give you excellent insights on how to reduce sugar level home remedies.

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