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Adapt and Overcome | Introducing FITPASS-TV

Pushkar Garg05 May 2020

Do not miss out on home workouts during the lockdown. Check out FITPASS-TV to attend live workout sessions conducted by certified trainers....

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How to Stay Healthy to Prevent COVID-19

Pushkar Garg19 Mar 2020

Find out how you can improve your body’s immune functions to prevent coronavirus and other infections. ...

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Should I Workout at the Gym during the Corona Epidemic?

Pushkar Garg14 Mar 2020

Worried about visiting the gym with the coronavirus threat? Find out if you can workout at the gym during the coronavirus pandemic...

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High Protein Foods | Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

Are you looking for vegetarian foods that are good sources of protein? Add these 7 plant-based high protein foods source...

Pushkar Garg
01 May 2020

5 Things Successful Diets Have In Common

Most successful diets have a few things in common. Find out what the Paleo Diet, Low-carb Diet, plant-based Diet, Medite...

Pushkar Garg
19 Dec 2019

What To Eat & Foods To Avoid On A Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet has gotten a lot of recognition in recent times given its several benefits. Find out the benefits of the ...

Pushkar Garg
28 Nov 2019

10 Amazing Foods To Include In Your Diet If You Have Arthritis

Did you know that a balanced diet is essential in dealing with arthritis? Read more to find out which foods to include i...

Pushkar Garg
30 Aug 2019

How To Lose Weight Quickly With The 7-day GM Diet Plan

Interested in the GM Diet Plan? Find out everything about the 7-day plan that lets you lose weight quickly. Read more to...

Pushkar Garg
29 Aug 2019

6 Reasons Why You Always Feel So Hungry

We know how hard you try to stick to your diet. But at the same time, you cannot resist the frequent bouts of hunger. Wh...

Sukanya Awasthi
28 Aug 2018

5 Hydrating Summer Foods

High temperatures during summers make staying hydrated essential. Hot summers put us at the risk of dehydration. Not dri...

Pompi Borah
16 Jul 2018

3 Natural Foods That Help You Sleep Better

Getting a good 8 hours of sound sleep helps rejuvenate your soul! Make sleep a need and see how positively it affects yo...

Pompi Borah
09 Jul 2018

The Importance Of Fruits In Your Daily Diet

Fruits are naturally sweet and loaded with immense nourishing benefits. Fruits detoxify your body, Fruits also contain s...

Pompi Borah
04 Jul 2018

5 Foods That Have More Fibre Than A Fibre Bar

Fiber may be able to provide different types of health benefits for those individuals who choose to ingest enough fiber....

Pompi Borah
25 Jun 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Military Diet

The calorie restriction for 3 days is between 1100 -1400 calories and it is advisable to keep the calories under 1500 fo...

Rukmani Anand
31 May 2018

Sugar Free Diet Plan & Its Benefits

sugar is present in almost every other food you eat. When someone advises you to follow a sugar-free diet, what they act...

Pompi Borah
31 Aug 2017
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