What Fits A Fighter? Running or Weight-Lifting
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What Fits A Fighter? Running or Weight-Lifting
Published on: 07th Nov,2022
Last Updated on: 17th Jan,2024

An essential strength training exercise may not always need the conventional techniques of weight-lifting exercises. When it comes to what workouts a boxer or a fighter can opt for, then solely sticking to a particular training is not the key. In an argument that runs, a fighter must build up big to gain certain chances to overpower the component. An utterly false argument to make as focusing on bulk muscles may not help you to win a fight. In the article, we may break some myths and clear out a few confusions about whether weight-lifting suits better for a fighter body or running.


The best workouts for fighters include exercises that enhance your ability to perform better, build strength, endurance and power. The prime focus is to increase stamina, for it requires cardiovascular endurance and metabolic conditioning as it’s a high-intensity sport. Cardio & conditioning exercises are an important component in strength building. Running is the perfect epitome for all cardio exercises. Running helps to build strong bones along with strengthening muscles. Even regular weight training can also involve a few minutes of running. Running improves cardiovascular fitness and burns plenty of kilojoules. Fat burning through running can work wonders, but another factor may involve body type as well. Fighters are involved in high-intensity anaerobic sports with aerobic demands which is why a mixture of everything is required so that it creates a holistic effect.

Weight training or resistance training in a diligent workout routine can enhance athletic characteristics. By strengthening the abdominals and chest muscles, a fighter is well-versed to absorb the impact of shots right at his front. Work upon by building strength in the shoulders for arm endurance, focusing on triceps and biceps area for quick jabs. They may also develop muscles in their hips, quads, and calves to promote balance and stability.


However, the disadvantage of muscle toning or overdeveloping the body can result in a bulky or heavy-weighted body that may affect the movements of a fighter. Bulk bodies can majorly affect their kinetic competencies which may result in many failures. It’s necessary for a fighter to solely develop every mass of his body with a balanced amount of attention & effort including a jab of weight training as well as running.

Fighting is not only about developing or focusing on the upper body as upper body muscles play a major part during the action. But the true power of a punch comes from your hips, core, and lower body. With this, we understand that fighting is not only constrained to a limited part of your body but the entire bodily movement is involved to attain a sheer win. Fighting is a total body sport, involving your major and minor muscles to contract and adjust simultaneously. So, building a notion around sticking with just one workout routine may not support fighter training to a larger extent. Weight training helps to build a stronger core, and targeting all the major muscles in the body, trains your neuromuscular system to coordinate movements and muscle contractions to deliver more focus and power.

Fat burning along with muscle toning is a perfect cardiovascular technique to opt for if you plan to begin building a fighter body. The focus of such workouts is usually on improving coordination, power, and speed of force development rather than on building muscle mass and gaining size. Without developing additional muscle fiber, the core focus must remain on building strength.


A few takeaways that might interest you on how you can enhance your running skills by giving you a few tips to improve running:

  • Include sprint interval training, a type of high-intensity training to help boost stamina & speed.
  • Add strength training exercises by performing them at least twice or thrice a week
  • Run long by keeping track and increasing the activity by 5-10 mins each time
  • Perform Tempo runs. These can increase your running stamina and improve your running endurance
  • Eat enough carbs, fat, and proteins
  • Be consistent

It is essential to work on your entire body so that the stamina retains itself in a way that shall benefit you to excel. Weight-lifting exercise, strength training along with cardiovascular workouts including aerobics, running, etc., builds strong and sturdy muscles. For a fighter, involving running with simultaneous weight-lifting can have a holistic benefit on their health & performance.

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