Kickboxing vs. Traditional Workouts: The Unique Advantages

Kickboxing vs. Traditional Workouts: The Unique Advantages

FITPASS Editorial Team21 September, 2023Updated on : 27 Sep 2023

If you’re on the lookout for ways to work out to remain fit and healthy, you’ll find that there are a plethora of options available that differ in intensity, movements, techniques and the eventual end result. At one end of the spectrum, there are the traditional workouts like cardio and weightlifting that have been practised for ages. While on the other end, you have newer forms of workouts that have gained popularity over the last few years. These are Zumba, pilates, CrossFit and combat sports like MMA and kickboxing.

While there is absolutely no harm in engaging in both types of workouts, it’s also true that modern kickboxing and other similar workouts offer some more unique advantages than traditional workouts. The ideal scenario would be to build and strengthen your body with traditional workouts, and then avail the extra advantages of kickboxing. In this blog, let us take a deeper look at kickboxing and the unique benefits that it offers.  

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a type of full-contact combative martial art that involves kicking and boxing an opponent in a boxing ring. It also has elements of other martial arts like karate and Muay Thai. While kickboxing is usually performed with an opponent, many have started practising kickboxing with a boxing bag as a form of workout due to its excellent benefits. 

Unique Advantages of Kickboxing

Advantages of Kickboxing

Excellent For Cardiovascular Fitness

There are dedicated cardio workouts for better cardiovascular health like running, cycling etc. But most of the time these have to be coupled with strength training routines. Kickboxing also elevates your heart rate and boosts cardiovascular health. But at the same time, the constant movement and combination of punches and kicks provide an excellent workout to improve muscle strength and endurance. It is one of the best cardio workouts for fitness. 

It’s A Full-Body Workout

Where traditional workouts tend to focus on specific muscle groups at a time, kickboxing offers a much more comprehensive workout experience that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This full-body workout targets muscles in the arms, shoulders, core, legs, and even the back, resulting in enhanced muscle tone and overall strength.

Weight Loss and Fat Burn

Another unique benefit of kickboxing is that it also aids in weight loss and fat burn. The high-intensity nature of kickboxing can lead to substantial calorie burn. Regular practice can help you shed excess pounds and reduce body fat, making it an effective component of a weight loss plan.

It Improves Flexibility

Traditional workouts can be great for building muscle and increasing strength. But they don’t do much for body flexibility. Kickboxing, on the other hand, incorporates a variety of kicks that require flexibility and range of motion. Over time, consistent practice can enhance your flexibility and make your movements more fluid.

Stress Reduction

Punching and kicking a bag during an intense kickboxing session can be an excellent stress reliever. The vigorous physical exertion helps release endorphins, which are natural mood lifters, reducing stress and improving overall mental well-being. This is also true for traditional workouts, but kickboxing is just more intense and can be a more effective stress reliever.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Kickboxing is eventually a sport that demands concentration and mental alertness. There is more focus on technique, timing, and coordination, which can enhance your cognitive abilities, and improve focus and concentration. 


Self-Defence Techniques

While traditional workouts can make you stronger, which are helpful in self-defence, the striking skills you learn via kickboxing are far more effective and useful if you ever want to get out of a tight spot. With kickboxing you’ll be able to act swiftly and guide yourself and others to safety.

Thus, kickboxing has a much more comprehensive list of benefits and has some unique advantages that no other workout option offers. Having said that, traditional workouts should be the base to build your body while kickboxing can be practised for developing your body further. If you want to add kickboxing to your fitness routine, then get the FITPASS app and start finding fitness studios offering kickboxing near you

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