World Meditation Day: Here Are A Few Ways to Celebrate It
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World Meditation Day: Here Are A Few Ways to Celebrate It
Published on: 19th May,2022
Last Updated on: 17th Jan,2024

Some answers can only be found on the inner net and to seek those one should meditate and focus all the energies towards your inner self. And on World Meditation Day, it’s best to pledge to dedicate some time towards meditation every day. Whether you are a deep diver or a toe dipper when it comes to meditation, it’s best to indulge in it for mindfulness, healing and developing calmness. There is no hidden agenda behind meditation and World Peace Meditation Day. It’s just a reminder that meditation is what you need if you want less stress and more mindfulness. It is celebrated every year on 21st May but there is no right way of celebrating this day. There is, however, one obvious thing that you can do and that is incorporate meditation into your everyday life. Let’s learn how to do so.

How to Incorporate Meditation Into Your Schedule?

There are many ways in which you can add meditation to your everyday routine. You can attend a meditation event in your locality or participate in an online meditation session. If you are someone who prefers to do it alone then try setting up some incense candles and dim lighting for the ambiance and then meditate. You can also use the following ideas to add yoga to your routine:

Many a time when we challenge ourselves we are motivated to complete it and the same psychology works here. Whether you challenge yourself to meditate for a stipulated time every day or take a 21-day meditation challenge, this is really helpful.

The element of newness it brings along is what will help you stay motivated. If you already have a regular meditation practice in place then this international meditation day is a great time to experiment and take up a new form of meditation. Perhaps you can try meditating in a soundproof room with no headphones if you always do it with headphones or do it in a noisy room if you always do it in a silent place.

Try something like different yoga poses. This will help you get a step closer to it. If you are still not sure if meditation is what you want to do but you want to experiment then this is your safest bet. If you already have a meditation practice in place then maybe try incorporating yoga alongside it.

One of the easiest ways to develop a fitness routine that has meditation as an integral part is by getting a meditation app. If you would like World Meditation Day to serve as a day to develop a new good habit then get a meditation-based app and set up a reminder to meditate every day.

This is the best of them all as having people to do it with will help you get the motivation to do it. You can join an online meditation group to meditate with a bunch of people every day and make it a habit or you can also find meditation groups in your locality to meditate with, every day. This will keep you in good spirits and will help you make some new friends as well.

We think by now you would have understood how beneficial meditation really is and why you should incorporate it in your daily life. This World Meditation Day, promise yourself to include meditation in your everyday routine and if you would now want to join some yoga classes to understand if meditation is really for you or not then do it your one membership to fitness- FITPASS. With FITPASS you can have everything at your convenience, get fit at any fitness center you like and workout anytime in 39+ cities across India.

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