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Planks: Best 30 Seconds Of Your Day

Planks: Best 30 Seconds Of Your Day

Sanjana Kaushik 27 January, 2016 Updated on : 09 Jan 2019

If you have not tried the plank yet, brace yourselves. If you have neglected it all this time, think again.

The plank is arguably the best exercise for strengthening your core. Incorporate this simple (umm, not really) exercise in your workout routine.
Get into the plank position and soon you will realise that it challenges various muscle groups at once.

Benefits Of Planks Workouts

Plank Variations

If you’re not completely sold yet, these benefits are surely going to change your mind.


The Basic Plank

Changed your mind yet?
Now, mix it up with these Plank Variations which will have your limbs trembling in seconds. Testing yourself with a 30 Day Plank Challenge is also a good idea. 


Move closer to a stronger core by practicing planks everyday.
Planks are a must have exercised in your gym routine.

Keep that stopwatch ready and, Get. Set. Sweat.