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Metabolic Diet And Why You Should Do It

Sukanya Awasthi 10 August, 2018 Updated on : 09 Dec 2019

Table of Content

  1. How does metabolism slow down with age?
  2. Why does slow metabolism make us feel hungrier?
  3. How does metabolic diet work?
  4. Advantages of Metabolic Diet


There are two purposes of metabolism:

  • To transform food into energy.

  • To store excess food nutrients as fat for later use.

Slow metabolism stores food nutrients as fat instead of transforming it into energy. Metabolic diet helps to quicken this process so that we maintain an optimum BMI and feel energized.

How does metabolism slow down with age?

Your metabolism slows down as you age. This is because:

  • You start losing muscles after 20 by 3-8 percent. This is a phenomenon known as sarcopenia.

  • People who exercise have an activity level as high as 50 percent whereas those mostly inactive incorporate 20 – 30 percent.

  • The processes influencing the speed of metabolism slow down.


There are four main processes which influence the speed of metabolism:

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): It is the number of calories you burn when you rest or are asleep.

  • Thermic effect of food (TEF): The number of calories you burn during digestion and absorption of food.

  • Exercise: The calories you lose during physical exertion in the form of exercise.

  • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis(NEAT): The calories you burn by participating in non-exercise activities. For instance: doing household chores.

Age, height, muscle, and hormones are the other influencers of metabolism.

Why does slow metabolism make us feel hungrier?

Our metabolism depends on the production of insulin. Insulin reduces the concentration of glucose in our blood which, either makes us hungry or crave for sweets.

Insulin also drains glycogen out of the liver that increases glucose in our blood. This leads to increased storage of fats.


How does metabolic diet work?

To put it simply, it is a low carbohydrate diet that is based on proteins and vegetables. Divided into three stages, initially, it allows no carbohydrate intake. In the second and third stages, little amounts are allowed, provided you can control your desired weight.    

Metabolic Diet

Advantages of Metabolic Diet

  • You would lose fat but not lean mass.

  • You would not require too much exercise to maintain your weight.

  • Your blood circulation will be improved along with developed cardiac health.

  • A metabolic diet helps you to dodge hormonal imbalances and metabolic syndromes.

  • Less stress and exhaustion.

  • A high metabolism is a natural immunity savior.

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