At What Pace Should You Lose Weight?
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At What Pace Should You Lose Weight?
Published on: 20th Jul,2018
Last Updated on: 15th Jun,2021

The rising numbers on the scale can often overwhelm us to lose too much weight in too less time. And there are numerous magic pills, crash diets and body exhausting workouts that claim to give you the perfect waistline within a span of months. But before you decide to opt for any of the these, think again! 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 0.5 kilogram to 1 kilogram is where your maximum weight loss per week should range if you are on a calorie deficit. This makes it to 4 kilograms of weight loss per month. Anything more than this is not only dangerous but also untenable.

Weight Lose diet 

Wanting to get results quickly can indeed be tempting. Seeing those numbers drop on the scale even more! But when the body loses too much weight in too less time, it’s usually the muscles it gets rid of and not the fat. As a result, the body tries to rich its fat reserve and all the lost weight starts coming back again.  

Depriving your body of food also sends your body into the starvation mode where it tries to keep all the fat intact. As a result, the fat stays where it was but due to the lack of proper nutrition, the body starts getting weaker and malnourished. This not only results in weakness and fatigue, but also is an invitation to major diseases.

Weight Lose

Too much working out also isn’t the best way to go about weight loss especially when are new to the whole weight loss regime. Putting your body under extreme conditions will not only result in exhaustion, it can also lead to serious injury which is something definitely not advisable.  

The goal before starting on fitness journey should be to strive for overall emotional, physical and mental well-being instead of wanting to fit into your favorite pair of jeans from high school or see those mere drops in numbers on scale. Remember, sustainable results take time! 

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