9 Most Disturbing Truths Of The Ketogenic Weight Loss Diet

9 Most Disturbing Truths Of The Ketogenic Weight Loss Diet

Barkha Sharma 04 April, 2019 Updated on : 26 May 2022

Are you always after yourself to shed more and more extra pounds? Losing Weight has become a priority for many nowadays. People are mindlessly going on Weight Loss Diet without knowing the Disturbing Truths  Of The Weight Loss Diet.

If you’re all focused on Losing Weight Fast, you’re probably preparing to let yourself go through a number of health problems in the time ahead. Going for a timesaver can be quite unsafe! 
A lot of people today can be seen praising Keto Diet. This famous diet to burn fat efficiently can have a Negative Impact On Your Health. If you’re proficient at knowing the connection between correct body weight and health, it can be much easier for you to lose weight appropriately.

Keto Diet

When losing weight, you are not only struggling with your unannounced cravings but also you need to keep care of not putting your health at risk. 
Losing 10 kilos in a week might sound appealing to you, but it also involves a great deal of risk! 
You must be hearing a lot about Low Carb Diet around you nowadays. But before you switch to any diet, know that it can have side effects as well. 

Let’s gather some key points on Why You Should Not Follow A Ketogenic Diet?

1-    Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)-

hypoglycemia low blood sugar diet
Lowering the intake of the carb while following a ketogenic diet plan results in temporary low blood sugar episodes. 

2-    Constipation-

Keto Diet Side Effects and Constipation

This is one of the most general side effects of a low carb diet, and also a function of consuming an excess amount of dairy, nuts, dehydration, and salt loss. 

3-    Keto Flu-

Keto Flu Symtomps

Widely known as the most common side effects, it starts showing its impact right after the commencement of the Ketogenic Diet. Runny nose, fatigue, headache, and nausea are usual symptoms of Keto Flu.

4-    Reduced Strength and Physical Performance-

Reduced Strength and Physical Performance

When opting for Keto Diet, your body is making itself adaptable of an entirely new source. At this point, it is natural for you to feel a major inefficiency to exert physical energy. 

5-    Sleep issues-

Sleep Issues

While going for Keto, the HPA axis dysfunctions resulting in upsetting sleep. Not being able to sleep properly can be a sign of a low amount of insulin and serotonin. 

6-    Frequent Urination-

Frequent Urination

If you’re on Keto Diet, you’ll notice yourself visiting more often to the bathroom for urinating. It is because your body is burning up extra glucose stored in your muscles and liver. And breaking down if it releases a lot of water. 

7-    Hair Loss-

Hair Loss

We love those tresses flowing along with the air, right? And losing them can put us in big trouble! Following ketogenic diet can lower one of the important human hormones-insulin. 

8-    Diarrhea-


If you’re choosing to go on Keto Diet, you are probably consuming a high protein, low carb, and high-fat diet causing loose bowel symptoms. 

9-    Muscle Cramps-

Muscle Cramps

Keto Diet can let you face the loss of minerals, especially that of magnesium. With this, muscle cramps can be usually experienced a number of times.
Belly Fat is a major dilemma in everyone’s life today, no matter what the age is. As our diet includes a lot of oil and junk food, the belly is bound to grab more space! Such bloated belly can make you feel embarrassed anywhere, anytime. Are you Wishing To Drop One Dress Size A Day? 

 21 Tips To Lose Belly Fat Naturally and Drop One Dress Size A Day

What if we tell you that you can Lose Weight Fast Naturally? Here are 21 Effective Tricks To Lose Belly Fat. Wait no more and go through them all right away!

1-    Consume a High-Protein Diet
2-    Avoid Sugary Foods
3-    Decrease the amount of carbs intake, particularly refined carbs
4-    Perform some exercises involving lifting weights
5-    Get plenty of peaceful sleep
6-    Add Apple Cider Vinegar to your diet plan
7-    Have a cup of green tea
8-    Eat fiber-rich foods
9-    Make a habit of tracking your foods 
10-    Binge on whole, unprocessed foods (fish, eggs, poultry, meat, cottage cheese, olive oil, fish oil, banana, orange, flax seeds, spinach, kale, brown rice, pasta, etc.)
11-    Limit Alcohol Consumption
12-    Eat more protein
13-    Give a try to intermittent fasting (Period between the cycle of eating and fasting)
14-    Include probiotic foods in the diet
15-    Avoid drinking fruit juice
16-    Devour 2-3 servings of fatty fish every week
17-    Exercise and make a record of it
18-    Say NO to sugar-sweetened drinks
19-    Pick coconut oil in place of cooking fats
20-    Reduce all stress levels
21-    Enjoy doing cardio or any aerobic exercise you love

Well, the most significant one is to Stay Motivated. Keeping yourself boosted up with motivation will help you achieve the shape you want within the battling of your eyelids. 
Each body is unique in its own way, and thus the diet which works best for your friend might not work for you. To switch to any specific diet, analyze what your body needs and in what proportion. Figuring out this alone can be backbreaking for you. 

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