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6 Probiotics Benefits For Physically Active People

6 Probiotics Benefits For Physically Active People

Pushkar Garg 11 December, 2019 Updated on : 09 Aug 2022

Probiotics are the talk of the town for their digestive benefits. Did you know that the body contains trillions of microorganisms? The bacteria in our bodies outnumber our cells and this is where the benefits of probiotics come into play. The majority of these bacteria are present in the gut of which 70% is good and the rest are bad.

Digestive system health affects the absorption of nutrients, skin health, immune function, digestion, muscle mass, endurance, and body composition. Probiotics help regulate these microbial cells (yeast and bacteria) in the stomach. An imbalance in the gut bacteria is the reason for diarrhea, constipation, inflammatory bowel, and other related ailments in addition to health problems due to a weakened immune system.

Apart from a diet that should always consist of probiotics, you should workout at least 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes. Are your favorite classes happening too early or too late? Get FITPASS to attend any workout throughout the day anywhere you want. Choose from lakhs of sessions happening at 3,500+ gyms and fitness studios across India.

The Health Benefits of Probiotics  

Turn Protein into Muscle

Certain strains of probiotics are known to increase the absorption of amino acids in the intestinal tract. A particular strain boosts the absorption of up to 23 amino acids responsible for muscle growth. Eating probiotics increases the abruption of probiotic bacteria that are essential for the body but not naturally available. They keep the intestinal tract healthy and improve the absorption of nutrients.

Boost Immunity

Attending HIIT workouts or spending hours at fitness centers causes stress. While low or moderate-intensity workout improves immunity, a high-intensity workout can temporarily weaken your immune system and won’t protect you effectively against cold and flu. This is where probiotics can help you – they boost the immune system. According to a study, endurance athletes who took probiotic supplements were half as vulnerable to colds and infections as opposed to those who didn’t. These athletes had higher protein levels in their body that fight infection. Another research suggests that probiotic bacteria can prevent the common problem of vaginal yeast infection.

Reduced Belly Fat

One of the hardest things is to lose belly fat; it just doesn’t go, does it? While probiotics won’t work as a substitute for a healthy diet or regular physical activity, they can certainly make it easier for you to lose belly fat. In a study, participants consumed fermented milk products that contained probiotic bacteria for 3 months and witnessed a minor reduction in their weight and waistline in addition to abdominal fat reduction. Probiotics also help reduce fat associated with increased risk of heart disease.

Reduced Gastric Upsets

The cells along the intestinal wall pull apart a little after exercising, which leads to substances leaking into the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, you might face several problems including bowel distress while working out.

It is wise to have a probiotic drink at this point. According to research, probiotics benefit the stomach by correcting this problem. They keep the gut cells from parting thus strengthen the intestinal wall, which avoids gastric upsets and untimely visits to the bathroom.


The importance of keeping yourself hydrated cannot be stressed enough. Drinking enough water maintains fluid balance and flushes out toxins from the body. Since we lose a lot of fluids while working out, it is essential to drink water after exercise. It is not advisable to have several probiotic drinks for the day; you can have one after the workout to maintain fluid levels. Probiotic drinks replenish other nutrients as well.

Increased Motivation

As it turns out, up to 90% of the happy hormone (serotonin) is produced in the gut. Since probiotics improve gut health, it stands to reason that probiotics benefits include improved mood. A depressed state might be the reason why you’re avoiding the gym or fitness center in the first place. This has been backed by several studies as well. Probiotics can simply push you to perform better or be regular when it comes to exercising.

How to Improve Gut Bacteria Health

For millennia, gastric problems have been treated with cultured dairy dates and yogurt. Probiotic foods are the best sources of beneficial bacteria. However, probiotic benefits might be hard to reap with dairy, which is processed. 

However, apple cider vinegar, kvass, kefir, fermented milk beverages, full-fat cheese (unpasteurized) are good sources. Sourdough and kimchi are good sources too. Add foods like garlic, bananas, asparagus, tiger nuts, leeks, onions, and chicory in your daily diet for the best benefits of probiotics.

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