What Not To Do For Weight-loss
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What Not To Do For Weight-loss
Published on: 23th Dec,2016
Last Updated on: 22th Nov,2022

Why your burps don’t convert into burpees and what you can do about it.

Between your new year resolution of losing weight in 2017 and a slim, toned body stands a wall. While most of us, being on the fast track, tend to climb and slip back down, we ignore the secret pass through the wall. So put down that magazine featuring hot bodies, and build yourself one. Life is too short to crib!
These 5 fitness tips get you the ‘thinspiration’ you are looking for.


#1 : Don’t hate your body

build muscle

Most of us have an inner rage against our own bodies that disable us to lose weight. Instead of thinking “Look at her, and now, ugh, me.”; give yourself a break and set a goal for yourself.

“I don’t workout because I hate my body

...I do it because I love it”

Most people mess up their weight loss regime because of lack of motivation. And if you hate yourself, even Jesus’ love can’t give you motivation.


#2 : DON’T starve yourself


Hi, did you just skip another meal? Congratulations. You just earned yourself a task. There are three tasks you need to do, which are:

Differentiate between the following:

  1. Lean and Slim
  2. Falling weak and Getting fit
  3. Science and Science fiction

You can eat meals at night, enjoy gluten, and never fast a day in your life, and your body is still capable of changing. Eat according to your workout, set a limit for your calorie intake and you’re good.

Simple math can prove that 2000 calories a day can be consumed as 5 meals of 400 calories each or as 2 meals of 1000 calories. Hence 2 heavy meals or 5 light meals are not gonna make you Barbie or Carbie.

#3 : DON’T get used to your workout

gym workout

The same workout over and over will get you into a habit, but more likely, it will bore you till you get frustrated and finally quit. Spice things up in your regime to keep it going. Introduce new exercises, listen to new music and get exercise instead of extra fries.

Design challenges and push yourself to the limit. From combat training to  jazz, there can be numerous fun additions to your regular workout regime.

The phrase “Getting used to” should never become part of your regime. Once your body starts adapting to a certain weight loss regime, it’s effectiveness starts plummeting rapidly.


#4 : DON’T just join a gym

join gym

Yes. Use it well.

Do your homework before joining one.

Weight-loss is worst done by emptying your pockets.

The following are few things that you should check before getting a gym membership :

  1. Find a gym that looks fit. Yes. Bland gym, bland results.
  2. Make sure you don’t have to commute too much, or you’ll be already exhausted by the time you reach the place.
  3. Look out for damaged equipment, missing dumbbells, unsafe environments or mirrors that make you look ugly.
  4. Make sure there are enough facilities so that you can make changes in your workout.


Hard to find?


#5 : DON’T copy him/her.

gym workout

See that ripped guy there? Look and be inspired, but please, don’t copy his moves. You are a different living entity with different muscular and hormonal systems. Your workout regime has nothing to do with how much someone lifts and how they do it.

Make sure your workout and diet are personalised. Advice from your gym buddies is always to be appreciated, but any changes in your regime that follow are usually a mistake. Always take assistance from your trainer before making any such changes.


“You don’t have to be better than someone else, you just have to be better than how you used to be.”


It’s never too late to decide to get fit. Just when you decide to stop settling for what you have, your weight loss regime starts. How you look isn’t going to depend on how heavy you lift. It depends on how hard you’re going to work for it. 

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