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Healthy Ideas To Celebrate Earth Day

Healthy Ideas To Celebrate Earth Day

Jubika Khanna 22 April, 2018 Updated on : 07 Apr 2020

Millions of people around the world will come together today to celebrate the planet and to take strict measures to protect it. In a society where we honour each other with celebrating Birthdays, Christmas, New Year etc., we somehow forget to celebrate and cherish our dear Planet. For most people, World's health day goes under the radar, unnoticed and uncelebrated. Let us all come together every day of the year and honour the earth that allows us to eat, breathe, love, and exist.

Here are 5 simple ways you can celebrate and cherish Earth this World's Health Day!

  • Take a Hike

How about leaving your car at home and instead go on a Hike? Hiking combines the benefits of a treadmill and stair climber into one. You can intensify the hike with a jog or a harder trail if it seems easy. Enjoy the fresh air and the scenery around you on your hike and who knows you might just end up hiking every weekend?

  • Green Yoga

Practising yoga outdoors is far more beneficial. The fresh air and the natural setting is just the right match. With an unlimited amount of space for you to breath outside, practising yoga in a completely natural environment can lead to higher levels of relaxation compared to a class inside a studio.

  • Swim Outside

You can swim in a pool every other day. But the real fun is swimming in a lake or ocean. Swimming outside in a natural environment will provide you with a nearly full-body workout, something that's rare indoors. Go out and swim and you will come back feeling refreshed and closer to nature.

  • Pick Veggies Outside

We all buy our vegetables from the local markets or stores. Instead of your usual drive to the market or store, go to a farm and pick your veggies on your own. Make a conscious choice to pick green vegetables on your farm visit. Cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kale help reduce the risk of cancer and help fight off damaging chemicals.

  • Fresh Fruits

Relive your childhood and climb fruit trees to get some of the juiciest and fresh mangoes, apples, oranges, and other fruits. Fruits contain fiber and they are a rich blend of nutrients including vitamins and anti-inflammatory nutrient quercetin. Picking fruits from the trees will rejuvenate you and will keep you coming back for more.

How are you celebrating world's health day and honouring the earth today? Try to “celebrate” the Earth every day, after all, it’s the only planet we get to run on!