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Variety, Intensity, Fun: Everything You Need For Your Fitness Is Here In Bangalore

Variety, Intensity, Fun: Everything You Need For Your Fitness Is Here In Bangalore

Jubika Khanna 26 November, 2018 Updated on : 17 Dec 2019

Hello Bangalore! We know how dedicated you are with your fitness and health. And with the awesome weather in the Silicon Valley, you can now workout anywhere you want – inside a fitness centre or outdoors. So, if you are still thinking which fitness routine will be the best for you, we have a city full of popular options to sweep away all your confusion.

crossfit workout and gym

Crossfit: Crossfit is all about intensity and energy. This fitness routine vouches to shed hundreds of calories in weeks by providing you with maximum variations.  And many of your city mates are opting for this workout to get fast results. With its availability in almost every premier fitness center Crossfit has become a popular workout routine in your city. So, if you are up for some energetic and powerful workout that consists of rowing, lifting, pushups, pull-ups and more, then Crossfit is what you should go for.

Zumba: If you are someone who looks for fun and well-choreographed workouts, then your city of Bangalore has the best solution for you with Zumba. With multiple and popular dance academies and fitness centers spread across the city with expert trainers, Zumba has now become the talk of the town. A low impact dance workout routine, Zumba banishes all limitations pertaining to age and gender. So, what are you waiting for? Loosen up and groove to the popular and upbeat playlist of the latest pop songs to get in shape and energize yourself.


Kalaripayattu: South India houses one of the most ancient martial arts in India – Kalaripayattu. And being the uber-cool city of the south, how can Bangalore not safeguard its citizens by strengthening them with this combat form? So, if you want to upgrade both your fitness and defense skills, dedicate yourself to the rigorous, methodical and strategically powerful combat training of Kalaripayattu available throughout the city. To add some oriental tadka to your kicks and punches, you can also enroll yourself at the various combat training centers of Kick Boxing, Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts. Become the ultimate warrior so that no one dares to mess with you.

aerobics dance classes

Aerobics: Whether on the ground or in the pool, aerobics has gained momentum amongst Indians over the past years. Imparting the benefits of stretching and strength training routines, it aims to improve your cardiovascular health. Practice all the five vital components of warmups, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and conditioning, cool down and stretching in aerobics to gain the fitness you’re dreaming of. The city of Bangalore also harbors fitness centers that provide Aqua Aerobics. A low impact yet high-intensity workout, along with the heart and muscles it also strengthens the joints by introducing the fluid comfort and resistance of water.

Rock Climbing

Yoga: A fitness regime made famous worldwide by the wise Indian sages, Yoga is one of the most sought-after workouts in Bangalore. This fitness routine of resistance, flexibility and inner peace is not only available at varied fitness centers but is also practiced amidst the greenery of the city. Challenge yourself with the complex postures. Find your calm with the smooth flow of yoga or turn up the intensity with power yoga or hot yoga.

Indoor Rock Climbing: Want to take a detour and find out offbeat and exciting workouts for your fitness? Bangalore offers you with the adventure of indoor rock climbing workouts. As challenging as it gets, indoor rock climbing provides ample mental puzzles as you try to climb up and chalk out your moves in your head to reach the top. Feel the strain in your forearms, back and core in this full body workout and gain strength and fitness over time. With indoor rock climbing and fitness centers sprawled across the city, all you have to do is to boost your will and reach out.        

Now you know all the fitness routines you can sweat it out to!

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