Top 10 Gyms And Fitness Centers In Bangalore
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Top 10 Gyms And Fitness Centers In Bangalore
Published on: 29th Nov,2018
Last Updated on: 14th Dec,2023

Workouts require regular practice, proper guidance and fitness centers that are best suited as well as conveniently located. Bangalore is not only a bustling corporate hub or a city of pubs but also one that provides some of the best gyms to cater to its citizens’ fitness. So, if you think maintaining your workout routine has been really tough till now, read on to know about the 10 best gyms that the Bangalore city has in store for you:

List of Top 10 Gyms and Fitness Centres in Bangalore

  1. Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness

One of the leading health and fitness chains in the world, Snap Fitness has marked its presence in about 24 locations in Bangalore amongst other cities in India. Open 24/7, it gives you the freedom to workout whenever you want. Starting from effective weight loss programs to overall fitness, Snap Fitness gives you the benefits of cardio workout, strength training, weightlifting, circuit training, power yoga, kickboxing sessions and more.

  1. Chisel

Chisel Gym Virat Kohli

With five branches across well-connected sections of East, North and West Bangalore, the popular fitness chain of Chisel gyms are located in Bagmane, Richmond Road, Crescent Road, Sanjay Nagar, and Vijayanagar. They  not only focus on group workouts, hardcore cardio, weight training, spin, and freestyle functional training but also hydro fitness and outdoor fitness. Combining gaming experience with fitness, Chisel also provides the unique and fun workout routine of Exergaming.

  1. Dhurii


A fit dance class for all, Dhurii is located at Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Dhurii focuses on dance, fitness, and wellness. So, whether you are interested in dance forms such as Kathak, Bollywood Dance, Belly Dance, Jazz, Salsa or fitness routines of yoga, Pilates, you get it all at Dhurii. The fitness and dance center has also introduced its own formulated fitness routine of BungFly. It is resistance induced core workout with the help of elastic bungee cords.

  1. Akshar Yoga

Akshar Yoga

With multiple branches across the city, Akshar Yoga provides you with the ultimate yoga experience. It was founded by the internationally renowned Yogic Master, Akshar. The fitness centers of Akshar Yoga provide the wellness of yoga by not only developing strength, flexibility, and weight management but also by opening up your consciousness and mental awareness. Apart from the traditional techniques of Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga, it also offers the master’s very own created yoga routines of Aerial Yoga, Wheel Yoga, and Power Yoga.

  1. Reforma Fitness 

Reforma Fitness

A chain of fitness centers in the city, Reforma Fitness is the studio of dance, gym, and aerobics. It is well-equipped with state-of-the-art gym machines, dressing room, lockers and steam room, professional and certified trainers and dieticians. Apart from cardio, strength training, and aerobics sessions, it also provides Bodypump (full body workout), Pilates, HIIT, non-contact combat training, yoga, tai chi, and many others.       

  1. Energy Fitness 

Energy Fitness

Energy Fitness was started in 1999 as a humble aerobics studio. Today it has expanded as one of a kind gym and fitness studio with 25 professional trainers. Energy Fitness focuses on intense workouts and fitness sessions through gym workouts, aerobics, RPM, Power Yoga, Judo, Mixed Martial Arts, bodybuilding, Belly Dancing, Zumba, Salsa, and others.

  1. Aero Fitness Centre

Aero Fitness Centre

Aero Fitness Centre has two branches in Bangalore, located in Koramangala and Malleshpalya. With its focus on augmenting overall health, strength, and flexibility, this fitness center provides extensive sessions of varied aerobics workout (sports aerobics, step aerobics, and dance aerobics), functional training, kettle bell training, TRX training, and Zumba.

  1. Stepperz


The two health and fitness studios of Stepperz are located in Kamanahalli, South Bangalore and Sadashivanagar, North Bangalore. Ranging from high-intensity training to upbeat dance classes, Stepperz includes hi-lo aerobic classes, step board, Bollywood dance workouts, animal flow, barbell workouts, yoga and its variations, Zumba, combat training, TRX and ABT and many more to choose from.

  1. Finix Fitness Studio

Finix Fitness Studio

Located in East Bangalore and South Bangalore, Finix Fitness Studio provides group workouts, dance workouts, combat training, bodybuilding, and stretching. While the gym and group workouts include cardio, step aerobics, HIIT and RPM, its wide array of dance workouts include Bollywood, freestyle, Latin form, classical forms and hip-hop, and b-boying.

  1. Rapid Sport Fitness (RSF)

Rapid Sport Fitness (RSF)

Located in Koramangala, Horamavu and Tiento, Rapid Sport Fitness (RSF) provides both fitness training and athlete training. Along with grueling sessions of mixed martial arts, sports conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba, it also offers S&C that involves Olympic lifting technique, calisthenics, and explosive training to develop strength, speed, flexibility and balance.        

So, go ahead, perfect your fitness and upgrade your workout experience today!

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