Top 10 Fittest Bollywood Actors Fitness Secrets Revealed

Top 10 Fittest Bollywood Actors Fitness Secrets Revealed

FITPASS Editorial Team13 March, 2019Updated on : 11 Mar 2022


They are handsome, influencers, and admired by all out there. Bollywood Actors have always been known for their acting skills. But now, you can easily recognize them for amazing fitness rules they follow. Have you checked out how Top 10 Fittest Bollywood Actors manage to look so?

When it comes to workout time, B-town actors get serious than anything. After all, they have to make you a fanatic of their chiseled body! Bollywood actors have to surely work upon their acting techniques, but they can’t afford to miss out their Workout Routine as well.

Now you might get excited to know the names of actors ruling the heart of women And Their Secrets To Look Fit. It is not always their acting, but also their bodies at times that can’t help you miss out even a single scene of the movie. 

With the craze amongst the public rising high, the actors are now pressurized to work hard at the gym. Can’t wait to take a peek of What They Are Doing To Maintain Their Health? Here’s a curated list of Top 10 Bollywood Fittest Actors of the era

Who is the most fittest actor in Bollywood?

We have made list of fittest actors of bollywood who set an example for everybody through their hardwork, passion and committment. Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and few more top actors are leading the list.



Surprised how he managed to get into this list, and that too, on number 1? If you’ve taken a glimpse of his latest pictures, you’ll realize how this father of three grown-ups still looks dashing, smart, and stays energetic.
He is one of the Fittest Bollywood Actors who just refuses to age. Do you know Anil Kapoor has maintained to control his weight limits between 72 to 76kg in last ten years? This 62 years turned actor look even younger than new generation actors!

Who would not wish to know Anil Kapoor’s fitness mantra and Diet Plan?

Starting from his early morning routine, he wakes up at 6 a.m and picks banana as the first meal. 
Cycling or Jogging is his thing in the morning, followed by a 10-minute cardio session. The charming actor let himself go through yoga practice as well. The renowned star is passionate about spending 2-3 hours in the gym and changing his workouts depending upon the needs of upcoming films. Being fit is in everyone’s reach. All you need to do is just drive yourself with the superb fitness guidelines of this age-defying actor in Bollywood.

According to this leading actor, it’s important that you notice the amount of sugar intake. Also, he believes in trying his skills in a wide range of workouts to avoid monotony. All those biggest fans of Anil Kapoor have now some excellent tips now to look their fittest.


Akshay Kumar Fitness Secrets Exercises Wrokout

He’s the one who avoids all shortcuts and works dedicatedly to maintain his healthy physique, even at the age of 51 years.
He swears to eat home cooked food and include martial arts, walking, swimming, yoga, stretching, and meditation in his workout routine.
Steroids, Enhancers, and Protein Shakes are a big no-no in his fitness schedule. Known as one of the dynamic Bollywood actors, Akshay Kumar plays basketball at least 3 times a week. 
Can you ensure to not eat after 7 p.m like him? Opting for a good mix of diverse workouts in your fitness regime will help you stay cool and healthy, just like the original Khiladi of the B-town.


Aamir Khan Transformation

He is the still the heart-throb of hundreds of thousands of girls out there, even after reaching 53 years of his age. No matter whatever role he is offered with, he can switch his body shape perfectly.
Exercising 3 hours a day and following HIIT workout routine makes him look uber young. He denies adding sugar in his diet and carbs after 8 p.m. 


Hrithik Roshan Fitness secrets

Seeing him can make you believe how becoming fit is easy without putting yourself through starvation or any strict diet plan. It might be shocking for you to know that the actor binges on a large amount of protein and various nutritional savories. 
Get a ripped body like this 45-year-old actor and let the woman around you go weak in the knees!


Shahid Kapoor Vegetarian Diet

This 38 years old versatile actor is not just popular for being an excellent actor but also because of owning an attractive body. Working out 6 days a week while dividing his time equally between cardio and weight training is the idea of this vegan dieter to stay healthy.
Get a toned body like Shahid Kapoor by consuming magical foods like spinach, fruits, rice, and vegetables in your diet!


Ajay Devgan Fitness Secrets and workout routine

Can you believe him of celebrating 49 years of life already? He is highly devoted when it’s about maintaining a healthy diet. 
His working out session is loaded with 75 minutes of cardio and weight training exercise.
His unusual habit of changing the meal plan weekly is quite interesting!


Shahrukh Khan

We all know him as the ‘King of Bollywood’. According to him, his low carb and high protein diet help him lay bare such a captivating physique. 
At 51, Shah Rukh Khan is still well-groomed with working on his abs and involving weight training in his routine for about 4 times a week. 
 Do 30-60 minutes of cardio each day and GET.SET.SWEAT like this notorious star.


Salman Khan Gym Workout Doing Leg Exercise

That shirtless look made famous ages ago by this 53 years old celebrity is still remembered by all folks. 1000 push-ups and 2000 sit-ups per day with 2 hours long workout help him to stay fit.
Do you know he cycles from Bandra to Panvel at times and completes around 50km trip in 3 hours? Don’t just get amazed, but also grab some smart tips from him to build a body like him. 


Farhan Akhtar Fitness Secrets and Diet

Remember his thrilling performance in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag movie? To act as an Olympic runner, it was not that easy to tone up his body. His workout was intense and it’s no surprise that he was trained for it 2-3 times a day.
He still continues to work out and gruel himself at the age of 45. Can you guess his main source of carbs? None other than fruits and veggies! Fetch away his dedication quality to enhance your health.


Arjun Rampal Workout Routine for Fitness

Not looking even close to 46 years, Arjun Rampal is fit without being a gym-freak. Wondering what he chooses to stay in shape? He rather relies on swimming, running, and playing football or tennis. 
Karate is also his go-to exercise routine which helps him to concentrate better. Why not get a muscly Diet Plan appearance like him by devouring on a mix of all essential food items?

Already pumped up to workout like these hunks? You must get ready to keep your cravings at bay and work upon the exercise that works for you. Take a look of these influencers’ diet plans and workout schedules and make yourself stylish like them.

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