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Thank You Mom

Thank You Mom

Pompi Borah 13 May, 2018 Updated on : 20 Jan 2020

Our real-life Superhero - Mom.

Moms make us fall in love with them because they are so forgiving, spiritual, inspiring, strong, funny, creative, talented and everything that we aspire to be. What does a Mom want? A happy and healthy family, and a happy and healthy Mom. These are the things that really matter. She gave us the gift of life, so what better way than to thank her for this Mother's Day gifts that will boost her well-being. Over the years, a Mother's Day present has become synonymous with uninspiring presents like, a bunch of red roses, jewellery, a bottle of perfume to add to the unopened collection maturing beneath the dressing mirror.

Why not give her a fun and healthy present and remind her just how much she is appreciated - on a day when we all stop to appreciate Mom.

  • Fitness with FITPASS
    Great for someone who needs a little motivation to get started on their fitness journey, as well as the religious gym goer who already loves their fitness. Share the benefits of fitness by gifting a FITPASS membership to you Mom. With FITPASS she can work out anytime, anywhere across 1700+ gyms and fitness studios. With FITPASS she will be able to access an unparallel variety of workout routines like yoga, Zumba, Aerobics and many more.

Mother’s Day

  • Health and Fitness
    Let your mom know that you are willing to make some changes and want her to embrace fitness. For example, say that you'd be willing to go for a walk together after dinner, help her in lifting weights etc. Lifting weights gives her the edge over belly fat, aches and pains, stress, heart disease, cancer and it is also a great way to make her feel empowered! Help prepare healthier meals and say goodbye to all those unhealthy snacks in the kitchen. Added bonus: You will be healthier too!
  • Spend Time Together
    This year for Mother’s Day, don’t do a drive-by hello and drop a gift for your mother. The biggest gift you can give to your mom is spending quality time with her and doing things that she cherishes. You can just spend the day on the couch watching some of his favourite movies. Dig out old photo albums and reminisce on days long lost, or go out for a walk. Just spending time together is one of the greatest gifts for your mother.

Mother’s Day

  • Fun with Mum
    Take your mother out of the house to enjoy her favourite activity for the day. It doesn't matter if it means watching a movie, strolling through the neighbourhood park. It just about is having a good time with your mom. A gesture as simple as a game of squash, magical chair or participating a dance competition nearby is sure to get her going again!

Mother’s Day

  • Mom's Special
    When its time to say a special thank you to Mom, get her involved and indulged in some delightful eating extravaganza. If she enjoys going out to eat, then plan a family dinner at her favourite restaurant. If she prefers a nice quiet dinner at home, then you can always cook for Mommy dearest.

Mother’s Day

Asking Mom to make a healthy change is about more than helping her with her health. Working together on a shared goal can bring you closer. Here's your chance to set your Mom on the right track

Here's wishing our real-life Superhero a Happy and Healthy Mother's Day!.