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Gift Your Child Fitness With Fun. Here’s How It’s Done

Gift Your Child Fitness With Fun. Here’s How It’s Done

Jubika Khanna 15 November, 2018 Updated on : 19 Nov 2018

Children harbor the invigorating energy of Harry Potter’s snitch. This spirit of vitality combined with the liberty to have fun, to imagine, play and be active not just in the virtual world of Xbox but on the actual playground, will help your child grown and mold them into a better human being. Here’s how you can help:

Become the playmate of your child

Become the playmate:  One of the best ways to gift your child some attention is by being their playmate. Engage them in sports like badminton or football. Be their contender in the intense race they would love to win. Become the villain in the Star Wars role play and make them break the sweat with an intense sword fight.

Identify your child’s interests: Visual content works best with children. Show them some extracurricular videos of sports, dance shows, etc. to know where their interest lies. Your child may want to become a boxer, cricketer, gymnast or a dancer. All you got to do is pick their interest and then guide him/her accordingly.

Make your Child Active with Toys

Make your Child Active with Toys: Which child does not want to play with toys? A simple ball can do the trick to get your kid active instantly. Gift a bat and ball, jumping ropes or a hula hoop to get them moving and grooving.   

A Walk amidst Nature: Take your child out into nature. For a start, you can go for a simple stroll in the park. Teach them how to cycle. Travel to places where both of you can camp, trek and hitchhike. Introducing any new activity is enough to tickle their curiosity.

Guide your child towards fitness with fun

Do Not Overdo it: Guide your child towards fitness with fun. Teach them the balance between work and play from the start. They are at a tender age and may not be able to take the pressure of studying along with the extracurricular fitness activities.

There’s no great motivator than a little healthy competition

The Little Challenges: There’s no great motivator than a little healthy competition. Challenge your child to beat you in a run or in any sport or any other physical activity. Give them positive motivation. A simple you-can-do-it, before or after a competition, is just what your child needs to keep going. At the same time, teach them that they are their greatest competition.  A “you-can-do-even-better” from you can take them a long way.

Let your child understand the boons of a healthy lifestyle from the beginning

Let your child understand the boons of a healthy lifestyle from the beginning. Gift them fitness wrapped in the entertainment they seek. Inspire your child towards a healthy lifestyle. And who knows teaching your little one may also help you to get rid of your unhealthy habits.

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