6 Things To Try Out With Your Partner This V-Day

6 Things To Try Out With Your Partner This V-Day

Sameer 08 February, 2017 Updated on : 03 Aug 2022

What is Valentine’s Day without a twist? Without a surprise, something to bring a new dimension to your relationship.

This V-Day, share an experience with your partner like no other. Exercise can never get boring with some sparks flying around in the gym.

Here are # exercises for you and your significant other.

  1. The Double Tree Pose

The double tree pose


  • Get into Tree Pose with your partner at your side
  • Stand adjacent to each other with your hips touching
  • Stretch your legs, and improve your posture
  • Hold this pose, then switch sides

Double tree pose helps stretch your body and improve overall posture. It improves balance and strengthens your core.

  1. Wheelbarrow Push-Ups

Wheelbarrow Push-Ups

  • Get into the push-up position and have your partner grab your legs
  • Your partner lifts your legs up off the ground till their waist
  • Dip down from your chest to perform one push-up
  • Do 15 reps and change with your partner

Wheelbarrow push-ups help build upper-body strength. They are a great exercise to increase muscle mass in your chest, arms and shoulders.

  1. Partner Leg Raises

  • Lie down on a Yoga mat with your partner standing with feet on either side of your head
  • Lift your legs, straight up to your partner
  • Your partner pushes your legs back down to the floor
  • Do 15 such reps and change with your partner

Partner leg raises are a great workout for your legs and thighs, as well as the lower abdomen. With this workout, your partner can help you get closer to stronger legs and a tighter core.

  1. Lateral Medicine Ball Toss

Lateral Medicine Ball Toss

  • Stand 3-4 ft away from your partner, facing the same direction
  • Start with keeping the medicine ball in your hand, held firmly in-front of your chest
  • Hold the ball out away from your body and swing it back to your partner and toss it
  • Your partner catches the ball and performs the same movement
  • Do 15 reps and change sides

This is a great cardiovascular exercise. It is a total body workout, and helps burn calories as well as gain strength.

  1. Partner Lunges

Partner Lunges

  • Lift your partner on your shoulders, back or arms
  • Go down into a lunge
  • Come back up
  • Repeat this 15 times and change

This is similar to a weighted lunge, with your partner being closer to you. Do this for killer strength in your glutes.

  1. Partner Crunches

Partner Crunches

  • Lock your legs, ankles down, with your partner
  • Lie down on a Yoga mat with your partner lying opposite to you
  • Sit up, and perform a crunch at the same time as your partner
  • Do 2-3 sets of 15 reps each

Your partner helps keep your legs in place, while you help them keep theirs. You can also pass a medicine ball with each rep. This will tighten both your abdomens right up.

So, this might be the perfect time to have your partner tag along to the gym with you. Make the most of this V-Day and explore your chemistry in the gym.
It’s time to Get, Set, Sweat.