How To Do Correct Push Ups : Different Types And Benefits

How To Do Correct Push Ups : Different Types And Benefits

FITPASS Editorial Team18 June, 2019Updated on : 16 Jan 2024


When you hear the word, “pushup”, do you automatically think of the best bodyweight exercise which is apparently the best exercise for strengthening your chest, core, biceps, shoulders and arms? Get into the best bodyweight exercise as push-up position and soon you will comprehend that it will challenge the diverse muscle packs immediately.

To get good looking shoulders and chest, you need to do push ups from every conceivable angle, including straight up. You have to work not just your chest, but also your shoulder muscles, arm muscles, and back muscles.

How many types of Push Ups
Traditional Push Up
Traditional Push Up

Conventional push-ups focus on the upper chest muscles, as well, however it can likewise work on the triceps and lower chest muscles. Moreover it works as best bodyweight exercise. 

2.  Wide Grip Push Up

Wide Grip Push Up

Wide-grip push up mainly works best bodyweight exercise mainly work in your chest and front shoulders with your triceps.

3.  Diamond Push Up
Diamond Push Up

Diamond push up benefits are solid triceps, solid chest, solid front piece of your deltoids and furthermore a variation that is frequently neglected: A solid center.

4. Clap Push Up

Clap Push Up

The applaud pushup can help increment muscle quality, power, and body mindfulness.

5. Superman Push Up

Superman Push Up

Superman push up works straightforwardly on your abs, chest, lower and center back, glutes and shoulders.

6.Shoulder Tap Push Up
Shoulder Tap Push Up

Shoulder Tap Push-Up is a full body quality move that spotlights on your arms and chest while likewise fortifying your center.

7. Side to Side Push Up
Side to Side Push Up

It actuates more muscle in your chest and shoulders than a standard push up does. It likewise creates quality and adaptability in your hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings.

8.  Hindu Push Up

Hindu Push ups

Hindu Push Ups will help create lung control. Better adaptability: They will likewise improve adaptability in the shoulders, hips and the upper and lower back.

 9.  Tiger Push Up

Tiger Push Up

Tiger curve push-ups is a compelling activity for your chest area muscles like deltoids, triceps, and trapezius. 

10. Staggered Push Up
Staggered Push Up

stunned arm push up works your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and arms. This move reinforces the chest area and tones and fix your center.

 11. Handstand Push Up

Handstand Push Up

Handstand pushups reinforces the triceps, shoulders and chest. The triceps are the muscles on the backs of the upper arms. 

12. One Arm Push Up

One Arm Push Up

Adding weight to a standard push up can be troublesome, so utilizing one arm is a substitute type of solidarity movement. One-arm pushups manufacture quality in your chest, shoulders, triceps and center muscles. ... One gave pushups are much better than two given for harming your shoulders.

Are push ups useful for females?

Ladies have less chest area quality and bulk than men. Pushups fortify a lady's lower arms, the biceps and those difficult to-tone triceps on the back of the arms. The shoulders and upper back get a difficult exercise since you should raise and lower your body utilizing your arms, shoulders and upper back muscles.

What are the benefits of doing push ups regularly?

Doing pushups consistently can be viable in case you're searching for a predictable exercise routine to pursue. You will probably notice gains in chest area quality in the event that you do pushups routinely.

Is pushups good to be practised to build your chest?

Pushups are about the most advantageous route there is to develop your chest, also your shoulders, arms and upper back. To build your chest you can do these five pushup varieties which can be done anyplace, whenever. 

What are the Push up benefits?

Strong Arms -Your arms will become solid as you put your entire body weight on it.

Build Your Triceps - You will get your triceps muscle noticeable in no time. It effect in triceps too fast. 

Build Your Chest than before  - Doing Push Up daily will make your chest look will be better in no time.

It improves your cardiovascular system- when you all the while connect huge muscle gatherings, your heart must work harder to convey oxygen-rich blood to muscle tissue. Eventually, this action results in a successful cardiovascular exercise.

It will improve your posture - At the point when push ups are appropriately executed, the muscles in charge of supporting stance are reinforced and tweaked. In addition, as you normally participate in push ups, your body will normally fit toward appropriate stance. This is a standout amongst the most powerful aloof advantages of push ups.

It will save your time by training a string body-  If you don’t have time for any of your traditional strength training or any cardiovascular workout, if you have five minutes you can easily achieve a full-body workout with push ups. 

If will have a flat abs - Your abs will return to its place in couple of days as push-ups will make your center solid.

You will have a strong biceps - Biceps will become solid and comes fit as a fiddle a bit.

You will get a better blood flow in the body - When you will do it, your blood flow through overall body and makes your brain as well as body more healthy

What number of pushups would it be advisable for you to do multi day to get more fit?

Regardless of whether you can complete two pushups per day, you should do them. There is no restriction on the quantity of pushups you can do in multi day. Numerous weight lifters and wellness aficionados attempt to accomplish in excess of 300 pushups every day. For a normal man, completing 50 to 100 pushups ought to be sufficient to keep up a decent chest area.

How push Up valuable for abs?

You're not just reinforcing your abs by keeping them still while gravity's attempting to push your hips towards the ground, but at the same time you're fortifying your chest area pushing muscles: your chest, shoulders and triceps.
What are the effects of doing Push Ups regularly?
You can hope to see an expansion in slender bulk in your biceps and triceps in the event that you incorporate push ups as an ordinary staple of your exercise schedule. You will likewise see critical increments in quality and continuance in your arms.

What number of pushups would it be a good for a beginner? 

As a beginner, most of the  people can go for 3 sets of 10 reps (or 15 or 20). Or on the other hand they simply do as many pushups as they can. But for a beginner one can complete 50 pushups will be perfect for you!

How you can perform push Up as a  beginner? 

As a beginner you can first start begin on the wall. When you starts to be comfortable doing this on the wall then slowly perform it in the floor. Don't take so much stress to do push up. However take a shot at opposing your body as it moves to the floor. Get yourself up anyway you wish through hands or your knees, In this beginner stage do numerous reps until you gain your strength. Now doing as a beginner you can take a shot to do real push up.

What are the disadvantages of doing Push Ups?
Push ups will fortify your chest area and your center, however too many pushups can give more damage than advantages. Regardless of whether you have progressively expanded your number of pushups and don't feel muscle soreness, you are separating muscle strands during the activity and require recuperation.

Tips you should keep in mind before you can do Push Ups

Do the best number of push-ups as you can until the point that you accomplish muscles expending and shaking and you physically can't achieve more.
Rest 1-2 minutes or until the point when the moment that you feel arrange to do it yet again.
Repeat stages 1 and 2 for a total of 3 sets.

To get everyone the benefits of push up, you can do that early in the day and evening frequently. Bear in mind to continue doing extending and warming up before beginning the push-up session.

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