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Take These Workouts For Killer Biceps

Pompi Borah 04 April, 2018 Updated on : 06 Jan 2020

Summer is coming! Time to get those guns ready for the sun!

One of the many things people struggle with is building bigger biceps. A lot of people end up doing either the same exact routine every week or something close enough to the same routine that it does not effectively shape the biceps. Luckily, the bicep is one muscle that responds quickly to training. All you need to do is implement the right training regime and you can start making some solid gains. This is all coupled with a proper nutritional approach as well, of course.

We’ve put together a list of workouts that you can rotate into your cycle. Feel free to modify the routines if there is an exercise you would rather do. The biceps workout is going to push you to your max and see if you can last all the way to the end. If you want to build bigger biceps, then you are going to have to be willing to work hard.

  • Circuit Training

If your biceps aren't responding to conventional training, it's time to up your game and do some circuit training. Prepare to pack on arm size and get rid of your old t-shirts. Circuit Training is an effective way to pump up your arms and the workout will have you jacked up, ready to hit the beaches full tilt and most importantly keep your arm from hyperextending

  • Aerial Yoga

The bicep muscle is activated by trying to bring your hand to your shoulder. A benefit of taking your routine off the ground is that you lose your point of stability and start to engage your biceps immediately without even realizing it. When correctly executed and moving slowly will maximize the involvement of biceps muscles along with triceps and core in Aerial Yoga.

  • Rock Climbing

During the rock climbing the biceps in the upper arm are used to flex the lower arm, bringing the wrist towards the shoulders. When used properly, the biceps are used to create tension, like an isometric contraction, in the arm to assist in holding the climber to the wall.

  • TRX

Try TRX Bicep curls to get your arms ready for the beach!A TRX workout improve will improve strength, power, and resistance of your biceps.TRX also concentrates the bicep using the body to determine the difficulty of movement.

  • Swimming

Swimming is a resistance workout, like weight-lifting. But, unlike weight-lifting, swimming places almost no stress on your joints and bones. Traditional swimming strokes such as the backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly specifically target your biceps while giving you a cardiovascular workout.

There are numerous bicep workouts which are more than just a workout – they are a lifestyle. To stick to an entire workout, one should have a lot of willpower as it is challenging.So, every time you see someone with huge arms, it’s not because of theyare genetically gifted! It’s because they worked their butt off week in and week out to turn those guns into cannons.

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