Workout Routines That Help Burn More Calories Than Running

Workout Routines That Help Burn More Calories Than Running

FITPASS Editorial Team23 September, 2019Updated on : 17 Jan 2024

Running is a great way to burn calories but it is not the only way. Several other workout routines help you burn calories faster. Burning calories depends on your genes, height, weight, and the level of fitness. People with the same body mass doing the same exercise can dispense entirely different amounts of energy and therefore, calories.

Eating less and running are not the only ways to lose weight and get in shape. Not eating right is only counterproductive. A mix of carefully curated workout routine and healthy eating is better than running for an hour and starving yourself. As it turns out, a good workout is not measured by how much you’re sweating. Working smarter is better than working harder.

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8 Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

Spinning and RPM

Running for half an hour on the treadmill at a speed of 10 km/hour burns up to 350 calories, whereas a spin bike workout burns up to 260 calories in 30 minutes. However, spinning and rpm classes are much more intense, and you can burn up to 600 calories. Increasing the speed from 10 to 12 km/hour can help you lose up to 800 calories per hour. An intensive 40-minute spinning class at some of the best gyms in Delhi or any other city for that matter is equal to cycling for 25-20 kilometers on the road. Spinning benefits the joints as opposed to running, which might cause strain with the slightest fault in form. It builds thigh and calf muscles better than running.

Skipping Rope

While a little running does not harm, it is a waste of time and energy unless you’re training to be a runner or a race. Skipping rope benefits the arms, core, and of course the legs. A fact that is not commonly known is that a lot of injuries are caused by running due to improper form. Skipping rope for 30 minutes can help you burn up to 600-650 calories. Since it is safer and works more muscles, it helps you lose weight faster than running. 15 minutes of skipping can equal the benefits of running 10 kilometers.

Swimming classes

Running is a high-impact activity that can cause inflammation, strain, and injuries. People of all ages and body types can reap the benefits of swimming because it is a low impact exercise. Swimming is a full-body workout that tones every part of the body. Depending on your weight, an hour of swimming can help you burn 650-1000 calories. Swimming regularly increases the range of motion, builds functional strength, and improves flexibility. It promotes joint mobility and improves stability, and core strength in addition to strengthening muscles and enhancing motor skills.

Kickboxing classes

Most martial arts like Muay Thai and MMA including Kickboxing are better than running when it comes to burning calories. Kickboxing classes incorporate some of the best cardio exercises like burpees and mountain climbers that increase the heart rate. An hour of kickboxing burns up to 600 calories. It works as a cardio workout and a strength training workout, which gives you strong arms and core. Kickboxing for 30 minutes can help you burn a little over 100 calories more as compared to running. This workout routine works the obliques, gluteus maximus, rectus abdominis, latissimus dorsi, and erector spinae muscles.

High Intensity Interval Training

There are hardly any other workout routines that match the benefits of HIIT. It builds strength at a faster rate as compared to running. This workout improves the metabolism, which helps you lose weight even after working out. Pushups, squats, mountain climbers, etc., work the entire body in less time than it takes to run 3.5 kilometers. Trainers recommend including HIIT workout in daily fitness routines of sportspersons for conditioning. A 20-minute HIIT workout is much more challenging than a 20-minute run.


Dancing is not only a good workout; it decreases stress, promotes weight loss, improves cognitive function, and improves balance. Joining a class to reap the benefits of dance is highly recommendable. While one usually runs alone, dancing is a group activity that allows you to socialize, which makes it much more fun automatically. Just like running, dancing benefits the bones as well as builds endurance. Since dancing makes you happy naturally, it improves mental performance and builds confidence and self-esteem. While it helps in losing weight, it is one of the best ways to maintain weight.


Weightlifting might not help you lose as many calories as running in 30 minutes but it burns more calories over the next 2-3 days. Weightlifting causes minuscule breaks in the muscles that are repaired over the next few days. The intensity of weightlifting increases the metabolic rate, which helps this process. Apart from building strength and muscles, weightlifting helps burn calories when paired with other workouts.

Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells help burn twice as many calories as running. It offers a versatile form of resistance for exercising. Its shape allows the user to use it in several ways and work different parts of the body. Lifting a kettlebell strengthens most muscles of the body. However, if done wrong, it can strain the joints or cause injuries. Kettlebell exercises activate the core muscles and also have benefits for the cardiovascular system. Like weightlifting exercises, kettlebell workout improves the metabolism and therefore, helps in weight loss.

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