How Bollywood’s Greek God Is In His Best Shape Even At 44

How Bollywood’s Greek God Is In His Best Shape Even At 44

FITPASS Editorial Team10 January, 2018Updated on : 27 Nov 2018

Hrithik Roshan – Bollywood’s very own Greek God has been swooning us over with his effortless dancing and killer physique since 2000 when he made his debut. With a flick of his hair and deep green eyes, he can make women go crazy. As an actor, Hrithik has always gone the extra mile and come out at the top.


With mind-blowing performances in numerous movies over the years, Krissh 3 and Bang Bang revealed his sculpted physique which left the audiences mesmerized. However, once upon a time his lavish celebrity lifestyle left him with a tobacco habit and an unfit body with a serious desire to change. Today, he is considered one of the fittest actors in the industry, Hrithik has worked on his body to keep it in the stunning shape it is today.


As he turns 44 today, here is a sneak peak on what he eats and how he works out.


Hritik Roshan Fitness




Being a hardcore foodie, Hrithik does not like to compromise on his favorite foods. And like many of us, he too has a sweet tooth. To maintain his perfectly toned body he eats 6-7 times in a day rather than having 3 big meals. He believes in following a balanced diet and so, his diet includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


During the day, he also takes supplements required to fulfill his body requirements after his workout sessions. For protein, he relies on natural sources of protein like Chicken, Salmon etc. as well as Protein shakes. He includes Sprouts, Broccoli, Spinach, and Fibrous Carbs in his diet – giving him all the essential minerals, vitamins, and fiber.


For breakfast, he has 4 Egg whites, 2 brown pieces of bread with a protein shake and multivitamin pills.



Lunch for Hrithik consists of Chicken breast – about 50-60 grams of stir-fried vegetables. Sometimes he eats green vegetables with Rotis and Salad.



For dinner, he eats roasted or grilled Chicken breast or Fish (Salmon or Sea Bass) with steamed or stir-fried vegetables.


Throughout his day he tries to incorporate as much protein as he can – he eats about 8-10 egg whites through his day in between meals. He also consumes supplements through the day and eats as many fresh fruits as he can. He drinks 2 glasses of milk every day.


Hritik Roshan FItness Trainer



Workout Plan



Every workout for Hrithik begins with a 30-minute cardio session. He plans his workout routine in such a way that he keeps his focus on various parts of his body on defined days. His workouts help him increase his stamina, flexibility, and endurance giving him an athletic and muscular physique.


On Mondays, he focuses on his Chest and Back and works with the Dumbbells, does Bench Presses, and Calf Raises. Tuesday is Leg day for Hrithik when he does Squats, Leg Presses, and Leg Tucks. Shoulders and Abs are in focus on Thursdays. Workouts like Marble Military Press, Reverse Flyes, Upright Barbell Row, Weighted Sit-ups, Swimming, and Planks focus on his shoulders and abs. Fridays are for Arm workouts when Hrithik works on his Biceps and Triceps. On Wednesdays and the weekend, Hrithik rests and recovers his body. Apart from working on different parts of his body, he also indulges in CrossFit training, TRX training, and Kickboxing on a regular basis.


For Hrithik, his fitness journey has been a lifestyle change. Inspired by Salman Khan, Hrithik makes sure that he never misses his workouts and keeps his eating habits under control.


Crowned with titles like “Sexiest Man of Asia” and the “Third Most Handsome Man Alive”, age is certainly not a number of our Greek God. Happy Birthday, Duggu! May you continue to dance your way in our hearts forever.