5 Post-lockdown Fitness Trends
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5 Post-lockdown Fitness Trends
Published on: 27th Oct,2020
Last Updated on: 17th Jan,2024

The fitness industry, like all others, has had to adapt to the pandemic and come up with new ways of making fitness services available for fitness enthusiasts. Lakhs of people, regulars at fitness centers, were left with no options overnight. Now that fitness centers have opened again, it’s a relief but fitness activities are a lot different from what they used to be and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. A large majority is headed back to gyms and fitness centers but there are others who have adopted at-home body toning workout plans.

The demand for online workout classes has skyrocketed in the past six or so months. There is no doubt that a fraction of those people will stick to their newly formed fitness habits. Of course, some will not be comfortable visiting fitness centers just yet and will be happy to workout at home or at a nearby park. We are discussing the most probable fitness trends post lockdown. 

  1. Online Workout Classes

Online Workout Classes

More than a few users sought virtual fitness classes during the lockdown. Gyms and fitness solutions providers stepped up to the challenge and offered yoga classes, aerobics classes, CrossFit classes, dance classes, and much more online. These classes were curated to suit the clients – you needed little to no equipment; bodyweight exercises were enough. The lockdown(s) called for adaptation and people did work out from their homes. Of course, group workout classes weren’t possible but you could still see others working hard on Zoom or other video conferencing portals. Given that it’s not like being at the gym or fitness studio with a personal trainer helping you at each step, online workout classes were (and still are) in demand. Check out live workout sessions on FITPASS-TV to work out online with world-class trainers across the country.

  1. Yoga for Stress Relief & Mental Health

Yoga For Stress Relief & Mental Health

If you haven’t felt stressed or anxious at any point during the last 6-7 months, you are quite lucky. Something or the other worked as a stressor for most people, be it staying at home, loss of work, or financial constraints. There has been a significant increase in the demand for online yoga classes during the lockdown. The searches on Google, YouTube, and other platforms shot up drastically as well. People needed a way to cope up with the daily tensions and manage stress and anxiety. What could be better than Yoga?

Since yoga asanas not only improve flexibility and body strength but ensure mental well-being as well, yoga classes will always be in high demand. They are easy and suitable for everyone and there’s no dearth of professional trainers conducting online yoga classes these days. Plus, yogic practices offer an advantage when it comes to immunity; the breathing exercises are especially helpful. With FITPASS, you can attend yoga classes online or at gyms and fitness studios near you.

  1. Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Those who have big fitness goals often go for personal training. Gyms and fitness studios are now open and one can look for a trainer to guide them one on one. However, it will take some time before all the fitness centers start operating at full capacity and all the trainers return to their jobs. This has led to high demand for online personal training classes wherein you can choose your trainer based on their specialization. Online personal training is a great way to stay motivated when not going to the gym. Experts know how to push you to reach your goals by holding yourself accountable. You can get virtual personal training with FITPASS for home workouts.

  1. Group Classes

Group Classes

A major shift has been seen toward fitness communities. Perhaps the lack of social interaction during the lockdown has put group workout classes in the list of essentials. Both online and offline group workout sessions are considered as opportunities to work on health and fitness with the benefits of group classes. Experts suggest that the demand for group fitness classes, especially online will continue to rise. People do not want to feel disconnected or isolated and online group classes are a great way to interact without exposing themselves. This trend is not only popular among the users but fitness service providers as well. A number of companies were already foraying into the digital fitness sphere even before the pandemic. Fitness technologies have opened up the fitness world for people who were not too keen on going to the gym.

  1. Outdoor Physical Activities

Outdoor Physical Activities

People are stepping outside to work out. Parks and gardens are filled with runners, joggers, yogis & yoginis, etc. Gyms and fitness studios are still restricted by social distancing norms, especially because most of them are closed spaces. Since their capacities have been reduced to some extent, people are preferring to go outdoors for physical exercise while maintaining social distancing.

A vast number of people have taken up cycling during the pandemic since it does not expose you to others and allows you to explore the city as well. Since there’s no news on the vaccine front, we can safely and accurately assume that outdoor workouts will only get more popular. You can get dynamic workout recommendations from an AI-led fitness coach - ARIA - with FITCOACH.

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