Adapt and Overcome | Introducing FITPASS-TV

Adapt and Overcome | Introducing FITPASS-TV

Pushkar Garg 05 May, 2020 Updated on : 11 Mar 2022

After such a long time, it feels like we will be able to get back into the swings of things. With a few relaxations, our lifestyles will start to come back to normal. However, if working out is a part of our lifestyles, which it should be, then there’s still some time before we will be able to go back to gyms and fitness studios to achieve our fitness goals. But, fitness must go on. After all, it keeps us strong.

Introducing FITPASS-TV

Introducing FITPASS TV

Do not give up on your fitness routine because now you can attend live workout sessions with FITPASS-TV - LIVE online workout on demand. Go LIVE with trainers from your favorite gyms and fitness studios in our partner network. Exercise at home by watching real-time and elapsed sessions to get fit on your terms.

Workout Routines

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Boxing
  • Strength Training
  • Dance
  • Full-body Circuits

And much more.

As our network of fitness centers, our list of online fitness classes is dynamic and ever-evolving. We are onboarding professional and enthusiastic trainers (and will continue to do so) to provide options that suit your needs and preferences and are fun as well.


  1. Workout anywhere – access LIVE workout sessions on FITPASS-TV from wherever you are, anytime you want
  2. Multiple slots – we give you the option of moving your day around for a workout session or vice-versa. Attend an online workout class as per your convenience
  3. Expert Trainers – all the trainers conducting online workout sessions on FITPASS-TV are certified in their respective fields. You might even recognize them from your gym. Oh, and you might come across some popular trainers as well. Log in to find out.

Journey To Fitness – How To Get Fit At Home with FITPASS-TV

  1. Workout Routine Variety

Fitness should be easy and accessible. Log in to the FITPASS app and browse through several live workout sessions to choose your favorite one. You can also choose to view the previously broadcasted sessions. Make the best of online workout classes to explore and experiment with different home workouts to find out what suits you best. Choose from bodyweight exercise routnes of HIIT workouts at home.

  1. Make A Home Gym

The setup is very important. Think about it, can you be as productive at home as you can in the office? We believe that home workouts warrant consistency more than anything else and having a dedicated room or spot is a great way to establish that. 

Ensure you have enough space to move around a little, jump, extend your arms and legs, etc. Make sure you can place your phone where it is convenient for you to look at the video while working out. Finally, make sure that no one or nothing bothers you – the spot or room should be peaceful and secluded (if possible)  for concentration.

  1. Don’t Workout Alone

On FITPASS-TV, we want you to be able to reap the benefits of group workouts even though it is virtual. Stay connected with your friends and family by inviting them to workout with you. Discuss your workout and goals with them to make your workouts more fun and effective.

  1. Have Everything Ready

Get your workout clothes out. It’s okay to workout in comfy clothes since there’s nobody there to judge you but wearing your workout clothes will definitely help you do better. Even if you do not do that, make sure you are comfortable enough to follow the instructions of the trainers. Use your smartwatch to time your workouts.

  1. Set Goals & Follow Them

Working out 3 times a week is essential. Any more than that is your choice. We suggest you workout at least 4 days every week and go up as much 6 times a week if you wish. But make sure you get enough rest to heal properly and get back to your routine even stronger. Set up a reward system for yourself – maybe with food or an extra hour of TV; whatever makes you want to work out the next day, especially after a full body workout at home.

How It Works


We have worked days on end to create an amazing home workout experience for you and your loved ones.

  1. Get the FITPASS app

If you do not already have it, download the FITPASS app and register yourself

  1. Join FITPASS-TV

Join FITPASS-TV services. It’s fairly simple, you will know what to do once you’re on the app

  1. Browse & Choose

Go through the schedule to choose a workout. We encourage you to try the ones you have never tried before. Or stick to your favorite – it’s your choice. Don’t forget to check out the elapsed live workout classes

  1. Join A Live Workout Session

Join a suitable online fitness class and we will inform you a few minutes before the workout so that you can get ready. Don’t forget to invite your friend and family

  1. Get.Set.Sweat

Attend online workout sessions to reach your fitness goals. Make sure you stick till the end to get the best results. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section.

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