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Pushkar Garg 31 July, 2019 Updated on : 20 Jan 2020


The Cultural Capital of India – Kolkata too must adopt a fitness routine in these times of unhealthy lifestyles. If it weren’t for the snooze option in our mobile phones, we would all probably get to the gym and workout to our heart’s desire. As they say, desire is not enough; you must be motivated enough to work towards your goals. We understand it can be hard to manage hectic schedules with a fitness routine that helps you achieve perfect physical and mental health. 

A fitness centre where you feel at home will definitely get you out of bed on time or give you the extra strength to workout after working all day. Once you reach the gym, interactive trainers and engaging workouts will keep you there and allow you to step out of your comfort zone to achieve the incredible. Remember to push yourself and don’t be afraid to try something new everyday. 

FITPASS offers access to 49 gyms in Kolkata with a single membership with more coming up soon so that you can choose your desired workout and attend a session when and where convenient. We bring gyms and fitness studios together to create a community of fit individuals and families. We have compiled a list of the top fitness centers in Kolkata that will ensure that you feel the urge to get up early or skip an evening of unhealthy diet and activities to sweat it out.

Top 10 Gyms in Kolkata

1.    Yoga Plus, Bidhannagar

Yoga Plus, Bighannagar Kolkata

What could be better than Yoga to accustom yourself with a healthy routine? As the wave of the oldest practice spreads through the world, roll up your Yoga mats and head to Yoga Plus in Bidhannagar. Whether you’re an early riser or one who starts the day late, you can choose to attend a session at this amazing gym in Kolkata from 6 in the morning to 7:15 in the evening. The teachers are highly experienced in the art form and conduct intensive classes to ensure you don’t slack during the session. They focus on each individual’s posture while instructing the whole group. 

If Yoga isn’t your jam, well then Yoga Plus also houses a high-tech gymnasium where you should definitely go to work on your muscles. 

2.    Xtreme Fitness Multi Gym, Gariahat

Xtreme Fitness Multi Gym, Gariahat Kolkata

Your search for a complete gym in Kolkata ends with Xtreme Fitness Multi Gym in Ballygunge. It is one of those fitness centers that cater to all age groups and offer just about any fitness regime you might be interested in. Special sessions for individuals over the age of 40 to help them retain muscle mass, general strength and bone strength are a highlight. Plus, they offer activities that focus on their coordination for young kids; confidence and strength building that inculcate healthy habits for life. Apart from these, you can choose from an abundance of regimes like Power Yoga, Fitness Cardio, Weight Loss & Gain, Sports Fitness and much more. Xtreme Fitness is the perfect gym to workout with family and friends. 

3.    Sarva Yoga

Sarva Yoga Kolkata

Sarva Yoga is a prominent chain of Yoga centers across India offering more than 25 forms of the ancient practice to enthusiasts. If you think, breathe, and dream Yoga, then Sarva Yoga is your sanctuary and their Gurus are your Yoga masters. You can visit their center at Salt Lake City or CIT Road depending on which one is closer to you. 

The Yogis at Sarva Yoga are friendly and heedful of your specific needs and impart Yogic advice accordingly. Join their group sessions to improve flexibility, heal bodily ailments or attain general wellness. Moreover, consult experts to include organic foods in your diet to improve digestion that is the root of most problems in our body. Finally, learn the secrets that make Yoga an unrivaled practice through meditation, breathing exercises, asanas and more for health, beauty, and wellness. 

4.    Revolt Fitness, Jessore Road

The modern setup with the best-in-class equipment from brands like Viva Fitness (United States) at Revolt Fitness makes it just the gym you have been looking for. It is spread over a vast area giving the members an opportunity to workout comfortably. Head there for powerlifting, cross-fit, heavy weightlifting, or basic gym workout sessions. Their friendly trainers take a personalized approach towards the members, which helps them speed up their fitness processes. You can choose between group classes or personal training as per your convenience.

5.    Spartan Fitness Hub, Dum Dum Park

Spartan Fitness Hub, Dum Dum Park

Feeling like you have hit a roadblock on your way to wellness? Or you never started in the first place? Well, Spartan Fitness Hub is the answer to all your problems. The vast gym offers a wide variety of the latest machines with for dynamic adjustment. Working out at Spartan Fitness is hard and fun since their trainers at Spartan Fitness are famous for their relentless enthusiasm towards fitness, which is often transferred to the members. Spartan Fitness is among the best gyms in Kolkata in the southern region.  

6.    GridIron Fitness, Park Circus

GridIron Fitness, Park Circle Kolkata

Put on your gloves and get ready to box. No kidding! GridIron Fitness features a full size vibrantly colored boxing ring. They offer a mix of functional exercises and boxing that makes working out fun and highly effective. The workout sessions are performed in the presence of trained professionals who eliminate the possibility of risks and injuries. They are masters of teaching you how to defend yourself. 

If you want the motivation to get fit with boxing, consider the story of the founders who gave up their careers in corporate to follow their dream. Join the functional classes here to correct your posture and build endurance and gain mobility. Their nutrition experts also offer expert advice for weight management and the American Council on Exercise certifies their personal trainers. 

7.    Rave Fitness Studio Elgin

Rave Fitness Studio Kolkata

If evidence based methodology appeals to you, head to Rave Fitness Studio. Their catalog of services includes Hypertrophy weightlifting, HIIT, Cross-fit, sports conditioning, corrective exercises, powerlifting, and much more. They operate from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. from Monday to Saturday and house some of the best functional equipment in Kolkata. Rave Fitness is known to employ unconventional methods to get the members in shape. The programs are created to keep you interested and fully involved in fitness exercises. 

8.    Gold’s Gym, Sodepur

Gold's Gym, Sodepur Kolkata

This gym franchise needs no introduction; the several accolades give testament to its fame and practices, and rate it among the best across the nation and probably the world. There is no doubt that they use the best equipment since they were the first to bring imported equipment to India. Gold’s gym caters to several prominent personalities who trust the gym trainers to impart advice on improving flexibility, cardiovascular health, build strength and add muscle. You should hardly have to be convinced to hit Gold’s to realize your fitness goals. 

9.    Transformation Studio Center, Netaji Nagar

Transformation Studio Center, Netaji Nagar Kolkata

Where reliable techniques meet state-of-the-art fitness equipment, you reach Transformation Studio Center.  Just like a sub, you choose to attend the ‘Workout of the Day’ (WOD), which ranges from HIIT, corrective technique exercises, fat loss programs among many others. The trainers engage you in workouts that keep you interested and motivated throughout the session wanting you to come back with the same zeal you had on the first day. 

10.    Refle-X PRO Fitness Gym, Howrah

Refle-X Pro Fitness Gym, Howrah Kolkata

Refle-X PRO is an example of an institution based on simplicity and high ambitions. The fitness center in Kolkata opened only a couple of years ago and yet offers a time-tested approach to fitness. The trainers are highly focused on helping trainees to push their potential with each passing day. Whether you want to involve yourself into aerobics, zumba or yoga, you can find it under one roof. Moreover, they have an in-house physiotherapy setup. 

Everyone will tell you that you need to be inspired to be fit and this is where the right gym or fitness center can offer you that motivation. Interactive trainers and engaging regimes allow you to step out of your comfort zone to achieve the incredible. Remember to push yourself and don’t be afraid to try something new everyday. 

We understand it can be hard to manage hectic work schedules with a fitness routine that helps you achieve perfect physical and mental health. This is why we offer access to all these gyms in Kolkata and many more so that you can choose your desired workout and attend a session when it is feasible for you. We bring all the top gyms in Kolkata together to create a community of fit individuals and families.

Check out our services and products for a comprehensive fitness experience. 

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