Best 14 Hamstring Exercises For Men And Women

Best 14 Hamstring Exercises For Men And Women

FITPASS Editorial Team15 July, 2019Updated on : 11 Jan 2024

The hamstring is one of the biggest muscles in the human body and it assumes an important role in doing your regular exercises. In spite of its enormous size and significance, this muscle is regularly under practiced and overlooked during the exercises since it's a muscle that we don't generally observe. 

It's obvious  that we should work out our thighs by doing several types of exercises. However with the hamstrings, the activities that work them aren't too known. 

What are hamstrings?

The hamstring muscle mean to be the back of your thigh. Hamstrings consist of the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and biceps femoris. Main the three muscles on the back of your thigh refer to Hamstrings . 

Best hamstring exercises for both men and women

1.   Deadlift

Deadlift one of the best hamstring exercise


The deadlift is an ideal hamstring exercise which will train the muscle through its full range of motion. When begin with hamstring workout with deadlift then you should be careful and do not overdo it as lowering the weight past the point of feeling a mild stretch in your hamstrings which can lead to injury.

2.   Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift


Romanian deadlift is beneficial for your hamstring, lower back, and hips strength specific to the conventional deadlift. Romanian Deadlift can help you in making the movement a great accessory lift to develop strong pulls.

3.   Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge Exercise

The Glute bridge ,one of the most important and effective exercises to work on your hamstrings. This incredible workout isolates and strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, the core stability muscles, the hip muscles, the lower back muscles, and strengthens the stabilization of the spinal cord.

4.   Single Leg Hamstring Bridge

Single Leg Hamstring Bridge

Single Leg Hamstring Bridge is an incredible exercise which will strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, core and lower back. It is commonly known  for one side to slightly tilt, but it will strength from your hamstring, glute and especially your core, you can work on keeping your body stable and centered.

5.   Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl


Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl works the butt, hips, thighs, and core. Not only you give your hamstrings a good workout, but you it works in your core as  as well.

6.   Hamstring Curl

 The Hamstring curl targets your hamstrings because this exercise will flex your knees.However,the main function of your hamstrings is actually to extend your hips.So as Hamstring curl go it's a far better choice than the machine version.

7.   Resistance band Hip Raise


Resistance band hip raise so that each body and muscle group can be a part for the growth of your hamstring. Additionally you can use this resistance band hip raise for your legs, ankles, hips, back, arms, and shoulders. Using the resistance band hip raise band will help engage and strengthen the hamstrings and hips, both before and after workouts.

8.   Stiff legged dumbbell deadlift


The Stiff Legged dumbbell Deadlift works in your hamstrings.With stiff legged dumbbell curls will especially work in the lower and mid Hamstrings . But, with the Stiff Legged dumbbell Deadlift you will focus on the upper part of your legs.

9.   Decline Leg Curl


Decline leg curls only targets on one of the muscle groups at a time, which 
Plays a vital role in hamstrings located on the backs of your upper thighs.

10. Lying Leg Curls


Lying Leg Curls mainly works in your hamstrings. Doing this muscles on the back of the thigh contract to bend your knees and focuses on the three muscles that is biceps femoris, the semimembranosus and the semitendinosus. 

Best hamstring stretching exercises

The best stretch out the hamstrings is to ensure proper care for this important muscle.

11. Toe Touching

Toe Touching

Toe-touching exercise always stretches your hamstrings deeply in the three-muscle group in the back of each thigh that is hamstring. Perform static stretches after a workout, when your muscles are warm, to improve your flexibility.The hamstrings are made up of three muscles with tendons that cross over both the knee and hip joints.

12. Supine Hamstring Stretch


While doing supine hamstring stretch the leg that you are going to stretch then you have to bend up and slowly straighten your knees all the way up towards the ceiling. You have to hold the stretch, feeling it along the back of your thigh.

13. Standing Hamstring Stretch


The standing hamstring stretch is a great stretch for your hamstrings. Standing hamstrings stretch is also important to prevent back injuries. Standing hamstring string was not only  designed to withstand the forces exerted on it in a forward bending position when lifting.

14. Foam roller to stretch hamstrings


The foam roller always applies pressure in your hamstrings helping to break up the knots that can form in your muscles and tissue. To use a foam roller you have to slowly run the roller down in the stiff muscles that are in your hamstrings, using your bodyweight to apply as much pressure as feels comfortable. It will directly focuses in your hamstrings.

How do you make your hamstrings stronger than before?

If you can practice the above listed best hamstring workouts and do reps than you can be able to make your hamstring much more stronger than before.

Is true that walking is a good exercise to tighten your hamstrings?

Hamstring stretches can always  increases the flexibility and improve the range in your hip. Both of these benefits will make the people perform daily tasks, such as walking up the stairs and bending over, with ease. When you will have your hamstrings too tight then the muscles rotate the pelvis backward.

How do you know that you have tore your hamstring muscle badly?

Hamstring injury typically always causes a sudden, sharp pain in the back of your thighs. You might also feel and heard a popping sound or tearing sensation. Swelling and tenderness develop within a few hours.

Can  yoga help you to tighten your hamstrings?

Doing Yoga poses always targets the hamstrings which can alleviate the tightness and improve your flexibility. The hamstrings are comprises of three muscles that run along the back side of your thigh which will connecting your pelvis to your knee. So many people have tight hamstrings that it's not an exaggeration to call it an epidemic.

What you can do to improve your weak hamstrings?

When your hamstrings are tight it will pull your hip bone and it will cause a slight rotation which can affect your back and cause pain and tightness in the lower back. Weakness in the hamstrings will contribute in knee pain and it will increase the incidence of a hamstring strain.

The hamstring exercises you will be doing should be in proper form as they can be very harsh on the lower back.Hamstring exercises will always help you build up this very important muscle!


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