What Are The Benefits Of Deadlifts?

What Are The Benefits Of Deadlifts?

FITPASS Editorial Team07 January, 2020Updated on : 17 Jan 2024

Many expert trainers and athletes affirm that weightlifting is incomplete without the deadlift. When you do it properly, the benefits of deadlift exceed those of all the other weightlifting exercises; it builds mass and strengthens all the major muscle groups. While the benefits of squats are also considered to be equally good and it should be in your workout program, the deadlift is equally good if not better.

The deadlift might not be an easy exercise but when performed under expert supervision, it is quite effective. Ask your trainer today to help you achieve the deadlift benefits. You can be a 9-5professional, a professional athlete, or anyone else and you can still get the benefits of deadlift.

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10 Benefits of Deadlifts

  1. Fat loss

Fat Loss

In a study, the participants were divided into three groups:

  1. Diet
  2. Diet with Aerobic Exercises
  3. Diet with Weight Training Exercises

The participants worked out for 30-50 minutes, 3 times every week for 3 months. The difference in fat loss between the first two groups was only around 450 grams. The third group that did weight training exercises lost the most grams of fat – up to 44% more than the diet-only group and 35% more than the aerobics ­group. This study is conclusive proof that weight lifting exercises including deadlift are best to lose fat.

  1. Prevents Injury

Prevents Injury

Deadlift strengthens the muscles that support critical tendons and ligaments, which not only increase expendable strength but reduce the risk of injury as well. Strong hamstrings and lower back muscles are essential in preventing injuries. And guess what? The deadlift works both these muscles.

The deadlift improves lats strength and that’s a good thing. Lower back pain is a common problem that troubles many people. Exercises like the deadlift that strengthens the back help deal with injuries.

  1. Improved Grip Strength

Improved Grip Strength

The workout of the men of the previous generation was working hard. Carrying heavy loads increased their forearm and grip strength (their handshakes give testament). While moderners focus too much on biceps and quads, we fall short on forearm and grip strength. Grip strength defines your ability to lift, do pull-ups, kettlebell swings among many others. Your fingers are used extensively when you lift the bar and the weights. Also, the forearms have to work hard to help you lift, which improves grip strength.

  1. Functional


There are many who argue that the squat is the king of exercises but that is an endless debate. However, if you look back, our ancestors didn’t squat with loads on their backs. However, they did lift the carcasses of slaughtered animals, which is almost like lifting. The deadlift is the act of lifting something heavy off of the ground, which makes it the most important functional movement for humans. And therefore, everyone can perform the deadlift unless they have an injury.

  1. Hormone Regulation 

Hormone Regulation

Performing the deadlift (say 8-10 reps) with significant weight increases the production of growth hormone and testosterone. The latter facilitates muscle growth and repair while the former improves bone strength, facilitates muscle growth & tissue healing, and promotes fat loss. The benefits of deadlift do not only include strong bones and muscles but less body fat in addition to improved immunity and mood.

  1. Strong Core

Strong Core

The benefits of deadlift include a strong core, which you probably know is required to maintain good posture. The deadlift works all the muscles that affect your posture and also keeps your back straight while performing daily activities.

Everyone wants to be able to move heavier weights with a neutral spine. Deadlifts help you better than crunches to get a strong and stable core and stabilize the spine.

  1. Work Several Muscles at Once

Work Several Muscles at Once

As it turns out, the deadlift benefits more muscle groups than squats. Performing the deadlift ensures a positive impact on all the major muscle groups. It targets the lower and upper body muscles including the back muscles. This is your go-to exercise if you want to get all the benefits with one type of movement.

  1. Improves Cardiovascular Strength

Improves Cardiovascular Strength

Would you do 10 reps of deadlifts at least once a week if we told you that it will improve your cardiovascular ability? Well, it’s true. Try it for yourself and you’ll need to sit down for a minute or two after doing it. Your heart rate will rise and you will feel out of breath.

  1. Safe


You can keep getting the benefits of deadlift once your trainer has briefed you on the technique and form. It is safe and you can do it without supervision. Other weightlifting exercises like the bench press pose some degree of danger and risk of serious injury. The weight can simply be dropped on the ground if you can’t lift further or feel worn out. Therefore, you are safe to do it without any helper or trainer. However, you shouldn’t do it alone if you haven’t done it before.

  1. Strong Glutes

Strong Glutes

The deadlift is one of the three powerlifting movements that target the butt or the gluteus maximus – the biggest muscle in the body. Strong glutes mean improved power, endurance, and overall physical performance. Moreover, the deadlift helps avoid the dormant butt syndrome, which causes pain in the back, hips, and knees.


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