5 Killer Back Workout Exercises To Shape Your Back The Way You Desire
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5 Killer Back Workout Exercises To Shape Your Back The Way You Desire
Published on: 15th Apr,2019
Last Updated on: 18th Feb,2022

Do you only focus on what you see in the mirror? Then, are you even concerned about how the back of your body looks like? Well, if not, then you must now! Thinking about the Back Workout Exercises you could possibly add into your fitness routine? You’ve landed on the appropriate platform.

Back Exercises have a great impact that plays a dominant role in keeping your spine and posture right. If you want a back that is strong, thick, and wide, here are the ultimate Back workouts for you. A robust back boosts your strength and is one of the crucial parts of a body that needs to be trained.
If you have a desk job or usually sit all day long, your shoulders will be disposed to roll forward. Exercise at this point becomes extremely essential to prevent painful backaches and make your life easier further. 

Have a look at some of the Impressive Back Workout Exercises you must try out now to enjoy a long list of benefits-



Single Arm Row Back Exercise

The Single Arm Row is one of the well-known Back workouts that targets your upper back, shoulders, hips, biceps, as well as lower back. This exercise becomes ideal to stabilize your upper body along with the spine. 

How To Do Single Arm Row Exercise-

  1. Stand in dividing position holding a dumbbell in left arm and placing right foot forward.

  2. Link over from your hip flexors involving your abdominals in order to shield your low back.

  3. Draw your elbow straight back before your hips with not letting your elbow wing out. 

  4. Involve your back muscles, press them, and lower the dumbbell back to the beginning position.

  5. Repeat the same on the other side.



Bent Over Reverse Flys

If you want to bid goodbye to all the drawbacks of slouching over a phone, tablet, or computer screen, then Reverse Fly is just the perfect fit that should be added into your workout routine. 
Doing it with dumbbells will help you utilize the least space. 

How To Do Reverse Fly In The Right Manner-

Stand with keeping your feet shoulder-width apart while holding each dumbbell in both hands.

While lowering your chest to bring it parallel to the ground, hinge your hips and let the weights hang straight down at arm’s length with your palms facing each other.

With a balanced core and flat back, raise your arms to bring them in line with your body.

Press your shoulder blades collectively at the top of the movement.

Get back to the position from where you started, and repeat.



Renegade Rows - Best Back Workout

If you’re hoping to come to an effective exercise for enhancing the strength of your upper body, you should definitely make Renegade Rows an important part of your exercise regime. Not only it will create a sheer impact on the strengthening of your core and abs, but will also prove to be an expert-level exercise for your back.

Know The Right Procedure To Do Renegade Rows For Guarding Your Back-

  1. Hold a pair of dumbbells under your shoulders while taking a high plank position.
  2. Place your feet about shoulder-extent apart and press your glutes, quads, and abs.
  3. Keep your shoulders and square hips in position and draw your right dumbbell towards your armpit while tightening your shoulder blades back.
  4. Bring back the right dumbbell to the floor with having complete control.
  5. Adjust your strong plank position and repeat the exercise on your left arm.



Superman For Back Workout

When lower back pain is bothering you and all you need is to strengthen it, Superman Exercise becomes one of the productive Back Workouts. It will tone your glutes while engaging your abs, eventually giving your body an excellent physical practice.

Let’s Know How To Perform Superman Exercise-

  1. On a flat surface, lie on your stomach.
  2. Feel that you’re flying and raise your arms and legs at the same time.
  3. Stay in the same position for the next 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.



Barbell Deadlift for Back workout

Barbell Deadlift works best to let you keep a neutral spine. Also, deadlifts are one of the glorified exercises for an array of reasons. You need to make sure that you perform them correctly.

Let’s Know How To Perform Barbell Deadlift-

  1. Begin with standing in front of a barbell with your feet placing at shoulder distance apart.
  2. Keep your arms extended straight down and gather the barbell.
  3. Stand straight with the barbell in your hands and keeping your arms in still position.
  4. Bend back down at the knees along with the barbell.
  5. Repeat the same for few more desired times.

Try these easy yet powerful Back Exercises and meet the fitter you very soon. The amazing results of performing these Back Workouts will make you fall in love with them and you’ll feel encouraged to pamper yourself a little more.

Apart from practicing the physical Back Workouts outlined above, bringing few lifestyle changes will recover your back pain to a great extent-

  1. Don’t smoke or take in use nicotine products

  2. Focus on maintaining a healthy body weight

  3. Prevent yourself from slouching

  4. Restrict bed rest
  5. Divide your weight equally on both hips while sitting

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