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6 Ways To Get Pumped For Monday

6 Ways To Get Pumped For Monday

Pompi Borah 07 April, 2018 Updated on : 07 Apr 2018

Once the afternoon on Sunday rolls by, many of us start the inward cringe that's especially bookmarked for thoughts of Monday morning. With clogged inboxes, heavy to-do lists, and a bunch of loose ends that were abandoned on Friday, it can be hard to face Mondays, but it's well worth the effort.Start your week by being productive and it will set the pace for the rest of the week. Make a checklist. As small as it is, it will help you organize your thoughts, focus on what you must do and help manage your time. Use this checklist to help you stay motivated to achieve success and reach your goals throughout the week.

Beat the Monday blues – let us tell you how.

  • Plan your Meals

Meal prep is a great way to help you control the way you eat and what you eat the entire week and it is often used best with a fitness program to help you lose weight or tone up. It's also perfect to do once a week as a ritual to make your meals for work, school, or family for the entire week. When you don't prep your meals ahead of time, you will often find that it's easy to end up eating something unhealthily or a portion size that is bigger then what you should be eating.

  • Plan your Workout

Plan your workouts with your trainer or group before the week starts. By planning your workout, you will be able to effectively keep up with your fitness goals. This will also give you a chance to explore new workouts and fitness tips.

  • Never Skip Breakfast

Opt for healthy breakfast options. Include a variety of fruits, fresh juice, or cereals. Always keep in mind that breakfast should be a mixture of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates to provide sufficient fuel for the body to start with its daily activities. 

  • Don’t Forget your early Morning Workout

If you have trouble finding time to workout during the day, an early morning workout may be the answer. People who work out in the morning before breakfast may enjoy benefits, such as increased energy throughout the day and weight loss. Making morning workouts a habit can improve your performance during the day and help you sleep better at night.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Before you plan to wake up, make sure you have had enough sleep the previous night. On an average, 7-8 hours of sleep is important for your body to be able to support you throughout your day. And before you sleep, make sure to shut off all your devices and lower your room temperature for a good night’s sleep.

  • Hydrate Yourself

Drink at least7-8 glasses of water per day. Roughly 20% of our daily H2O intake comes from solid foods, especially fruits and vegetables. It's still important to drink plenty of water, especially in the summertime.

The week ahead doesn't have to be all about partying with no sleep. With a little planning, you can keep it fun and healthy while you enjoy the whole week like a rock star! Enter the new week on a fit note.It'd be amazing to not live for the weekends and, instead, look forward to diving into work just as much as we look forward kicking back during the weekend. And trust us this is doable!