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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day

Pompi Borah 11 June, 2018 Updated on : 10 Dec 2019

Do you squat? Do you deadlift? If not, you should. We understand that leg workouts are physically demanding and the soreness they bring afterward is beyond unpleasant. But don’t let these excuses make you want to skip leg day.

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Your lower body house is combined with some of the biggest muscles in your body and we rarely show them off. But with great legs, come great physicality. You will reap the benefits of a stronger looking butt, powerful thighs, and super toned calves. Looking good is not even half of the rewards to training legs.

Here are 4 reasons why you should not skip leg day –

Train your legs

Almost any sport requires your legs to be in its best shape to perform competitively. Majority of your movements are derived from the strength that comes from your legs. Training your legs will help you jump higher or run faster. In sports, your overall success is going to depend on how quickly you can move. Therefore, training your legs is crucial.

Lose weight

Everyone is trying to lose weight. The faster you lose weight the more excited you will be to get back in the gym. When you train your legs, you are burning more calories than any other department in your body when done correctly. Working on your legs is a multi-joint exercise that can be combined with almost anything. You are working more and bigger muscle groups that will burn fat faster and longer.


Promotes body strength

Your legs require maximum effort so that you will get maximum results increasing your strength and weight loss goals. You will also develop a stronger kick in that sprint or long-distance run. Everyone loves endurance, and this is one of the best ways to build it up.

Relief from back pain

If you are troubled with back pain all the time due to your lifestyle, stronger legs can help alleviate the pain. A weaker lower body is most of the time the cause of lower back pain because your hamstrings and hip flexors are neglected. Giving attention to these areas can increase your range of motion and flexibility.


Your lower body is home to some of the biggest muscles in your body. Focus on workouts that challenge your bottom half and you’ll be rewarded with strong glutes, athletic quads, healthy hamstrings, and toned calves. After all, Friends don’t let friends skip leg day!