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Leg Workout For Women

Leg Workout For Women

Mitul Govil 27 January, 2017 Updated on : 02 Sep 2021

Hey, ladies! Want to know the most effective ways to train your legs and glutes? You need to build shapely legs and a firm booty so you can rock the heck out of those jeans.

If strong is the new sexy, the best place to show off your strength is your legs. We've rounded up the best leg exercises and thigh workouts that strengthen and tone without adding bulk to your thighs.


1. Leg exercise by Extensions

Superset with Lying Leg Curl

4 sets, 15-20 Reps ((3-4 sets))

2. Lying Leg Curls

Superset with Leg Extensions

4 sets, 15-20 Reps ((3-4 sets))

3. Wide-Stance Barbell Squat

10 sets, 10 Reps

4. Barbell Deadlift

3 sets, 12, 10, 8 Reps

5. Seated Calf Raise

4 sets, 15 Reps


You can also create your own thigh workouts and leg workouts with these exercises! Just select one move from each category, and after a quick cardio warm-up, do the recommended reps for each exercise. Do at least two sets but even better — do three — of the entire workout. Don't forget to stretch your hamstrings and quads to cool down.

Because you're hitting your legs twice per week, you may want to invest in some supplements like glutamine and omega-3 fatty acids to assist your recovery. During periods of heavy training, your body's natural supply of glutamine falls, leading to a compromised immune system and an increased risk for infection.