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Adnan Sami – The Transformation

Adnan Sami – The Transformation

Pompi Borah 13 February, 2018 Updated on : 28 Dec 2018

An accomplished pianist who can play over 35 musical instruments, Adnan Sami has been hailed as the Sultan of Music. Apart from being the fastest piano player in the world, Adnan Sami's extraordinary transformation journey has been the talk of the town. Weighing over 200 kilos and unable to see his knuckles, Adnan lost over 160 kilos – a feat that few can imagine, leave alone achieve. His weight-loss won him the praise of many critics who had earlier criticized him for his excess body weight.


Adnan Sami


Adnan Sami weight loss journey was a difficult one, but it was possible. Adnan made radical changes to his diet and followed a strict workout plan. While going through a personal crisis for years, Adnan found comfort in food. He would eat if he was happy, sad, stressed, or depressed. Soon enough the comfort he found in food, was visible on his waistline. His heavyweight started affecting his health to a point where he had to use a walker to help him get around. He could barely walk 5 steps at a time and his knees eventually gave up due to his weight. His obesity only struck him when the doctor’s told him bluntly that he needs to lose weight to live a long life.


Adnan Sami Fat To Fit

In June 2006, Adnan ate to his heart's content before following a strict diet and workout plan. He started his journey with a low-carb high protein diet. Every move, every step that he took in this journey was a challenge. Due to his obesity, he could not work out during the initial few months since his body was not able to bear the weight. He spent the first few months losing weight just by following a strict diet plan.

Adnan’s Strict Diet Plan


On the advice of his nutritionist, Adnan gave up white rice, bread, and junk food. He could eat fish, chicken breast, green vegetables, popcorn without butter, salad, and boiled pulses. His meals were prepared without oil, butter, ghee, or excess salt. To satisfy his sweet cravings he could have, diet ice lollies, diet fudge sticks, and sugar-free drinks. For Breakfast, he had a cup of green tea without sugar. Lunch usually consisted of a vegetable salad with a teaspoon of fat-free dressing with tandoori or roasted fish. For snacks, he would eat popcorn without butter, or fresh fruits. Dinner was extremely light where he had boiled dal or roasted chicken.


Adnan Sami

Adnan’s Workout Regime


After losing 40 kilos by just following a nutritious diet, Adnan physically started working out. Having lost a good amount of weight he still found it hard to run, so he started with brisk walking and covered a small distance initially. Once he had shed off weight and was fit to start his workout, his trainer planned 60-minute workouts which were a mix of weight training and cardio. Once the physical activity started working on his body, he was not only able to sleep better and get up on his own, but he also felt confident mentally and physically.


Adnan Sami

From being unable to walk without support, today Adnan likes to play tennis and squash. His transformation gave him back his confidence and a positive outlook towards life. An inspiration and motivation for many, Adnan Sami made the impossible – possible.