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Definition Of Dedication – Ranveer Singh

Definition Of Dedication – Ranveer Singh

Pompi Borah 23 January, 2018 Updated on : 21 Feb 2019

Ranveer Singh – the man with infectious energy.


A lively personality on screen, Ranveer is mostly seen having a great time and fooling around. A heart-throb for many teenage girls and a fitness inspiration to many men, Ranveer Singh has taught many the true meaning of commitment and dedication. 


Ranveer Singh Abs


From transforming his body to play AlauddinKhilji to playing a rapper in Gully Boy, Ranveer has gone through killer workout routines to prepare himself to play his on-screen characters. Most recently, he has garnered a lot of praise for his drastic transformation from a beefed-up look in Padmaavat to a much leaner look for Gully Boy.

His transformation journey has not been an easy one. With grueling hours at the gym and a strict diet, Ranveer has been able to portray not just a villainous warrior on-screen, but some of Bollywood’s most memorable characters.

We’re revealing some of the fitness secrets that keep him hunky!


Golden Boy’s Diet


Ranveer Singh Diet Plan


Ranveer prefers home-cooked meals especially meals which are prepared without too much hassle. He is a firm believer in eating the right kind of food to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle. No matter how busy his schedule is, he makes sure to never skip any of his meals. His diet is rich in protein, carbs, and healthy fats. He likes to keep his oil and salt intake to the minimum. For his muscular body, Ranveer has some essential protein shakes to help repair his muscles faster.




He starts his day with a high carb intake to kick-start his system for the day. This consists of egg whites, chicken, fresh fruits, and green vegetables.


Lunch and Dinner


For lunch and dinner, he incorporates lots of proteins like salmon dressed in honey or stir-fried lamb or thyme roasted chicken with a bowl of fresh stir-fried vegetables.


He believes in eating every 4 hours, so he likes to consume light snacks like almonds or walnuts, and berries throughout his day.


Workout Routine


Ranveer Singh Workout Routine


Ranveer’s role model, Hrithik Roshan has inspired him to become the rough and tough man he is today. He does not believe in skipping workout sessions and is a firm believer in working out and training every day.Ranveer says it is essential for the body to get accustomed to workout regimes. Along with spending vigorous hours at the gym, he also likes swimming, cycling, and playing sports.


He starts his workout with a 10-minute warm-up post which he does 1 hour of cardio to burn fat in the morning and 1 hour of cardio training in the evening. This is followed by a 20-minute HIIT session which includes vigorous exercises likes dips, push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees. His workouts also focus on functional training to strengthen his core – like running and swimming.


Ranveer Singh Workout


Ranveer works out twice in a day and makes sure to drink lots of water throughout his day to make his workouts more efficient. A key factor in his fitness is the fact that he stays away from alcohol as it weakens the immune system and cuts down on building a body.


Ranveer Singh Fitness Secret



A method actor, Ranveer has never hesitated from experimenting with his looks or setting his own fashion statement. And when it comes to fitness, he’s been making us weak in the knees. Having no Bollywood Godfather to his support, Ranveer has made his firm mark in the industry and is an inspiration to many. We can’t wait to see Ranveer Singh’s magic in Padmaavat.