What Is Better? Going To The Gym Or Working Out At Home?

What Is Better? Going To The Gym Or Working Out At Home?

FITPASS Editorial Team22 August, 2017Updated on : 15 Mar 2022

What is better, going to a gym or working out at home? This question has been bothering a lot of people lately. Technically, both of them are good in their own ways, your ultimate choice depends upon your final result. Justifying which one of them is the better option, doesn’t really answers the question. Before dropping off to a conclusion, proper assessment of one’s body and analysis of one’s fitness objective along with some other relevant factors must be taken into consideration.


In any case, running a good exercise by keeping its proper form in mind and being aware of its benefits will always be considered beneficial for your body whether you do it at home or in the gym. Technically, everything depends on you. Whether you workout in a gym or at home isn’t actually the real question, whether you decide to follow your workout regime with sincere dedication to reach your goals or not, is the question.

It really depends on the type of exercise you are doing, the intensity, the duration & most importantly the consistency.

We can’t really justify which of the mentioned case is better. However, we can reframe the topic in terms of advantages and drawbacks, and critically develop an analysis of whether going to the gym is better or working out at home.

State of mind when you go to the gym:

  • You are motivated enough to drive all the way to the gym.
  • Have a friend/trainer that you can report to or feel accountable to.
  • Really love the environment, people, and trainers at the gym.
  • It makes you comfortable and makes you feel that going to the gym is better.

State of mind while working out at home:

  • You have less time but want to work out nevertheless
  • Feel too lazy to drive to the gym
  • You like working out alone without anyone staring at you.
  • Mostly want to use your body-weight to workout

Advantages of going to a gym:

1. Fewer Distractions

Your home is full of distractions – your computer, your TV, your pets, and that delicious yummy food you always keep in the refrigerator. Maybe you have the willpower to set aside a chunk of time to exercise, and that’s great, but do you have the willpower to take your workout to the next level when the couch is right next to you and is calling you continuously to come and rest on it?

However, going to the gym will actually provide you with the kind of atmosphere you need to achieve your desired fitness goals. You’ll be choosing between exercises like bicep curls or the lateral pull down the machine and not between bicep curls or a bucket of ice cream, which can become a possibility if you decide to work out at your home. Going to the gym definitely becomes a better option over here.


2. Higher Investment of Time/Money

When a person invests in something, they care about it more. When you pay a membership fee for a gym, not exercising directly means that you’re burning your money.Thus, the commitment to exercise regularly in the gym, you’ve paid for becomes strong. Going to the gym also makes you invest a part of your days’ time in it. Therefore, investing your personal time and money in a gym will help you exercise more frequently and intensely. Another reason which makes going to the gym a better option to consider with.

3. Diversity of equipment

You can definitely have a great workout at home if you want to and are dedicated enough, but gyms offer the diversity of equipment which will enable you to target specific muscle groups, you have been longing to develop accordingly. With just a few dumbbells and a bench you can do quite a wide variety of exercises at home, but it still falls short of the activities you can actually avail and follow in the completely stocked gym.



At the gym, you will see a lot of fit people. If you have the right mindset, these inspirations become your definite goals, you can achieve with following a pattern of consistent exercising. Even if you’re envious of them, this can fire up your competitive nature and help you get in a better shape eventually. Just don’t try to do everything at once and injure yourself. Consistency brings results, not a single session that leaves you crippled for the next morning.

workout for fitness

5. Group Exercises

Group exercises are great because they run on a schedule and offer a sense of excitement as well, which keeps you engaged with your routine. Secondly, it can become encouraging and fun to socialize with others who want to be physically fit.

Group Exercise

6. It’s Easier to Commit

The biggest benefit of going to the gym is all you have to do is to decide to drive to the gym, and you don’t have to worry about the exercise part until you arriveat the gym. There’s no confusion that going to the gym is better.


Advantages of working out at home:

1. Saves Money

Going to a gym is better no doubt but doing exercises in your home gym is much better in all aspects. Membership in a gym may incur large expenses. Gyms are expensive, and a home gym can be looked at as an investment. After a period of time, you’ll be saving a ton of money every year for the rest of your life.

exercise at home

2. Saves Time

Doing exercises in home saves a lot of time. If you have to go to a gym then you either have to drive or walk there. Tensions of parking, changing then waiting for your turn to use the machines to workout properly can actually become a headache sometimes. But in your home, you don’t have to wait for a machine to become available, it’s always available for you. Hence, it saves your time.workout

3. Privacy

Are you facing the problem of fear of embarrassment, nervousness or feeling Shy in front of others then home gym is actually the best solution for you. You don’t have to face these worries. If you feel that gym sometimes becomes too competitive or you don't like the atmosphere then you can always escape it work out your own home.


workout at home

4. Safety

A home gym is designed by you and according to you, so it can be considered to be a safe place for working out alone. Feeling safe makes you feel more confident and this can result in form of a better workout session every day.

workout session

Some drawbacks of going to a gym:

  • Travelling.
  • Strangers all around.
  • Public restrooms and locker rooms.
  • The schedule is limited to operating hours.
  • Depending on the arrangement, payment occurs even if not used.
  • Unhygienic machines.

Drawbacks of Home Gym

  • Limited to the equipment that you own.
  • No trainer.
  • No emergency personnel.
  • No professionals to ask questions regarding various exercises.
  • No cleaning staff.
  • Your own equipment, which must be maintained by you on a regular basis.
  • No social motivation or engagement.

This is a debate that has been going on for a long time. Aside from the social aspect of going to the gym or doing exercise at home, the exercises always remain the same no matter where they are performed. You just need to stay confident, committed and dedicated to your fitness routine in order to reach your desired fitness goals. Also, do not forget to maintain and follow a healthy diet along.

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