Stay Fit During Lockdown: Tips for Physical & Mental Health

Stay Fit During Lockdown: Tips for Physical & Mental Health

FITPASS Editorial Team04 May, 2021Updated on : 17 May 2024

Physical and mental fitness should be the two crucial objectives of life during the lockdown. So many individuals have mastered the art of staying positive by reading inspiring autobiographies, listening to soothing music, learning new skills or recipes, spending quality time with children, and pursuing a hobby.

Lockdown is an ideal period to look inward and introspect. Mental health is also an essential aspect of fitness, as confirmed by the old wisdom, a sound mind in a sound body. However, achieving physical fitness without visiting a gym or a jogging track may sound bizarre, since we are so used to these resources.

Luckily, there are several ways one can improve physical fitness without leaving the comfort of home. Most of these do not require any instruments such as weights, dumbbells, and so forth. Online fitness training sites are of great help if you cannot venture out. Please check FITPASS-TV to receive personal guidance from an expert coach. You will also be able to join live workouts to maintain your health during the lockdown restrictions.

  1. Stamina and strength training

Stamina and strength training

Prolonged lockdown conditions are sure to affect your stamina and strength as your morning walk or jogging routine appears like a distant dream. Skipping is an ideal exercise to maintain your stamina. It also helps train your weight-bearing joints, bones, and cardiac muscles. Skipping offers several health benefits and is as good as jogging or brisk walking. Similarly, side plans, squats, and push-ups are some of the strength exercises to be included in your daily workout routine.

  1. Mind training

Mind training

No amount of exercise or workout routines would be useful unless you have developed a positive and calm mindset to deal with the uncertainties of the pandemic. The feeling of uncertainty and information overload causes anxiety. This is further worsened by negative posts and news on social media platforms and news channels. Pranayam in Yoga helps you strengthen the mind and streamline the thought processes by clearing all debris of negativity. Traditional Indian exercises and breathing practices offer a variety of permutations and combinations that are easy to practice within the four walls of the house. No wonder, Yoga and the associated Asanas and Pranayam are practiced across the globe.

  1. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

Known as Sun Salutation, this is a combination of twelve yoga poses and is a comprehensive exercise routine by itself. They designed the sequence of different asanas to provide complete relaxation to the mind while activating every single muscle and joint of the body. The Sun Salutation exercise aims at expressing our gratitude to the Sun, the supreme source of energy for every form of life on the earth. Daily practice of repeating the exercise twelve times in a row helps improve blood circulation, digestion, and posture and acts as an effective immunity booster.

  1. Virtual coach

Virtual Coach

Online fitness coach is a great idea to receive proper guidance from a personal trainer during the lockdown period. Virtual fitness coach designs a bespoke workout routine according to your goals and by analyzing the present physical parameters. Also, one can look forward to useful diet tips to support the fitness program. Reputed virtual fitness coaches leverage the latest technological resources such as Artificial Intelligence to design coaching and training routines. These plans are not only customized to suit individual fitness needs but also keep on developing as per personal progress. Try a resourceful online coaching plan such as FITCOACH to get access to smart coaching videos, personalized workout guidance, and much more.

  1. Online Fitness Classes

Online Fitness Classes

You need to keep yourself at a safe distance from unsolicited information that is circulating across social media platforms. Watching videos from trustworthy channels such as FITPASS-TV is a better alternative. If you cannot attend gym because of the seemingly unending lockdown, then joining a group fitness class is an innovative way to stay fit and fresh and beat the lockdown blues. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the emergence of a new normal known as Workout from Home. Virtual fitness classes are the most ideal resources to maintain fitness during pandemic restrictions. With FITPASS membership you can conveniently access gym workouts, aerobics, yoga classes, and a lot more without stepping out of your home. Also, you are free to attend the fitness center physically, once the lockdown restrictions are over.

  1. Household chores

Household chores

If you look around, you will discover plenty of household chores that not only keep you active but also help burn calories and relieve stress. Lockdowns have restricted the entry of housemaids and other servants to residential colonies or apartments. Use this period as an opportunity to become a smart house maker. Mopping, vacuum cleaning, folding clothes, operating a washing machine, are some of the simple jobs that will give you immense satisfaction. You can also keep your mind free from negative thoughts as you keep yourself busy with the chores. Gardening is an extremely gratifying hobby that is also useful for burning calories.

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